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  • Pictures of horned animals and ancient drawings on rock

    New Center Book!

    Large-Scale Traps of the Great Basin By Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham Contributions by Clifford Alpheus Shaw and Mark O’Brien This important new research from Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham examines the archaeological evidence for large-scale traps over the past 9,000 years in North America‚Äôs Great Basin. The authors provide field identification methods, hard data, […]

  • Points from Cooper's Ferry site

    In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The April Mammoth Trumpet is published! Read part 2 of our White Sands story, take a visit to Cooper’s Ferry where Clovis is not first in line, read about sedimentary ancient DNA, and more. Subscribe today so you don’t miss out.