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  • April 2024 Mammoth Trumpet cover of Matthew Wooler in his lab with mammoth tusks.

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet we launch a 3-part series on underwater archaeology from Florida to Alaska, scientists track a 17,000-year-old woolly mammoth plus much more! subscribe today!  

  • Pictures of horned animals and ancient drawings on rock

    Summer Reading!

    Large-Scale Traps of the Great Basin By Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham Contributions by Clifford Alpheus Shaw and Mark O’Brien This important new research from Bryan Hockett and Eric Dillingham examines the archaeological evidence for large-scale traps over the past 9,000 years in North America’s Great Basin. The authors provide field identification methods, hard data, […]

  • January Mammoth Trumpet cover image. Team excavating the Billy Big Spring site in Montana.

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The January Mammoth Trumpet introduces the two new archaeologists at the Center! Associate Director Jessi Halligan and Faculty Associate Kurt Rademaker. Jessi will enhance the Center’s underwater research and Kurt will take the Center to the Peruvian Andes! Read about them and much more when you renew or subscribe today!

  • October cover photo featuring the Ukok Plateau grasslands of Southwestern Siberia.

    In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The October Mammoth Trumpet is published! A bonus issue for your Fall reading! Don’t miss out on reading part 2 of La Mina in Quintana Roo. You can also read about plotting the Arctic, what Paleolithic toolmakers favored, Thule people, Lee Bement’s forte, as well as two bonus articles. Subscribe today to find out more!

  • Points from Cooper's Ferry site

    In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The April Mammoth Trumpet is published! Read part 2 of our White Sands story, take a visit to Cooper’s Ferry where Clovis is not first in line, read about sedimentary ancient DNA, and more. Subscribe today so you don’t miss out.

  • January mammoth trumpet cover. Painting of Paleoamericans and animals sharing space in ancient New Mexico.

    In The Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    Take care and read your Mammoth Trumpet! The Winter Mammoth Trumpet has published! Learn more about the White Sands footprints, early tobacco use in North America, populating South America via the Pacific coast, Guadalupe Sánchez and her desert culture studies, and much more. The Mammoth Trumpet is produced four times a year and has been […]

  • October Mammoth Trumpet cover with flowers on a Pacific Ocean bluff

    In The Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    Take care, be well and read your Mammoth Trumpet! The Fall Mammoth Trumpet has published! Paleocoastal living on the Pacific (California) shore meant enjoying a bounty of food on Santarosae Island, a short boat ride away. We travel to Owl Ridge, Alaska, a site occupied for thousands of years. You can’t mention Paleoindian archaeology in […]

  • Architecture of Hunting cover photo. Rocks and grass

    New Book!

    New from the Peopling of the Americas Publications. Combining underwater archaeology, terrestrial archaeology, and ethnographic and historical research, The Architecture of Hunting investigates the creation and use of hunting architecture by hunter-gatherers. Using examples of hunting architecture from across the globe and how they influence forager mobility, territoriality, property, leadership, and labor aggregation, Ashley Lemke […]

  • Cover image of Dolni Book

    New From Peopling of the Americas Publications!

    Dolní Vestonice–Pavlov Explaining Paleolithic Settlements in Central Europe By Jirí A. Svoboda Perhaps the oldest modern human settlement in Europe, the archaeological site at Dolní Věstonice–Pavlov, located in the rolling, forested plains just north of the Danube River, has yielded a treasure trove of Ice Age artifacts since its first excavation in 1924. Being gifted […]

  • Wooly Celebrating Image

    New! Index of Mammoth Trumpet Archives

    The Center for the Study of the First Americans is pleased to announce a master index for all Mammoth Trumpets published thru 2018! You can look up by site, by archaeologist name, region, and topics. The index will be updated as new archives are posted. We also have a master table of contents for you […]