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  • April 2024 Mammoth Trumpet cover of Matthew Wooler in his lab with mammoth tusks.

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet we launch a 3-part series on underwater archaeology from Florida to Alaska, scientists track a 17,000-year-old woolly mammoth plus much more! subscribe today!  

  • Explore with us banner with pink flowers background

    Join in the Exploration!

    Happy Spring! The Center for the Study of the First Americans is the premier research organization dedicated to understanding the Ice Age peopling of the Americas. One reason is because of Center members, and we sincerely appreciate them! Center member support is crucial to research, education, public outreach, and vital to our mission of excellence.  […]

  • January Mammoth Trumpet cover image. Team excavating the Billy Big Spring site in Montana.

    In the latest issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The January Mammoth Trumpet introduces the two new archaeologists at the Center! Associate Director Jessi Halligan and Faculty Associate Kurt Rademaker. Jessi will enhance the Center’s underwater research and Kurt will take the Center to the Peruvian Andes! Read about them and much more when you renew or subscribe today!

  • October cover photo featuring the Ukok Plateau grasslands of Southwestern Siberia.

    In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The October Mammoth Trumpet is published! A bonus issue for your Fall reading! Don’t miss out on reading part 2 of La Mina in Quintana Roo. You can also read about plotting the Arctic, what Paleolithic toolmakers favored, Thule people, Lee Bement’s forte, as well as two bonus articles. Subscribe today to find out more!

  • Points from Cooper's Ferry site

    In the Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

    The April Mammoth Trumpet is published! Read part 2 of our White Sands story, take a visit to Cooper’s Ferry where Clovis is not first in line, read about sedimentary ancient DNA, and more. Subscribe today so you don’t miss out.

  • Image of Osseous bone point

    New Study of the 13,900-year-old Osseous Point, Washington

    New study by Center Director Michael Waters and his coauthors of the 13,900-year-old osseous point embedded in the rib of the Manis Mastodon, Washington was just published in the journal Science Advances.  Click here to read the open access article.

  • Thank You written with winter background, winter colors.

    A Year of Excellence

    Happy New Year! We hope you had a peaceful holiday season. The Center for the Study of the First Americans is the premier research organization dedicated to understanding the Ice Age peopling of the Americas. One of the reasons is because of your support and we thank you! Your membership and the generosity of your […]

  • Assistant Professor Job Announcement

    Looking for exciting work?

  • Regents Professor Dr Vaughn Bryant

    Regents Professor Vaughn Bryant Passes Away

    Our friend, mentor and colleague, Dr. Vaughn Bryant, passed away peacefully on the morning of January 30, 2021 after battling one of the most aggressive forms of cancer for the past several years. He will be remembered with the greatest fondness for his kindness of spirit and his generosity of heart.

  • Center grad student Josh Lynch teaching school children

    Student Teacher

    In 2014, Center graduate student Joshua Lynch began working with the Aleut Community of St. Paul Island Tribal Government, St. Paul Island Ecosystem Conservation Office, and the Pribilof School District delivering hands-on, active learning based lectures and demonstrations as part of a multidisciplinary week of place-based education called “Bering Sea Days”. These efforts culminated in […]