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A major in International Studies prepares you for a wide range of careers. The skills you gain from our curriculum and studying abroad make you a resilient, resourceful, globally-aware and culturally competent employee. INTS Former Students have gone on to have successful careers in International Development, Business and Consulting, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy, Public Service, Healthcare, Education and the Law. Whatever your passion, the links below will help you to find your next adventure.


TAMU Links

Visit the Career Center for useful tips about building resumes, writing cover letters, interviewing and networking.

Do a self-assessment to figure out a good match for your skills and interests.

Sign up for a Career Exploration Day.

Get immediate and personalized resume help.

Thinking about applying to graduate school? Or law school?

Want to work for the Federal Government? Or the Peace Corps?

Interested in finding Non-Profit Work?

Off-TAMU Links

Idealist Careers – Interested in NGOs and public service work? Use this site that helps purpose-driven professionals find, land, and love their social impact jobs.

Going Global – Want a career overseas? This country-specific career information, includes worldwide job postings, H1B employer listings and career resources.

Inside Jobs – This jobs search site has tools to help you discover and pursue career options.

LinkedIn - Use this professional networking platform to network with Aggies and thousands of other professions and discover what they do, where they work and what they studied.

Glassdoor – This career information site has millions of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, and more.

MyNextMove – This career information site provides career research, industry research, job search groups and job search resources.

Vault – Use this site for employee surveys of top employers, career advice, job listings, and career guides to individual industries.