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Finding a Conference

Finding a conference in which to present your research can take many paths. A call for papers is sometimes circulated by email or posted on an organization’s website. A more proactive approach can lead to discovering conferences that may not be well advertised but that can nonetheless provide feedback for your research and networking opportunities.

Here are four possible ways of searching for conferences in your particular area of study:

  • The CFPList (
    • This database organizes conference opportunities by category and chronologically (through its calendar).  A search option is also available.
  • H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online (
    • At this website, you can click on the browser/Search tab and then select and “Announcement type” or simply enter a search term. This will yield conference announcements and calls for papers.
  • The Linguist List (
    • As its name indicates, this list mostly focuses on conferences related to the study of language, not just in Spanish. A search function, however, allows you to do a specific search for the area of your particular interest.
  • Portal del Hispanismo (
    • This site focuses almost exclusively on conferences with a Hispanic focus, widely understood, and it allows you to easily search by year and month.
  • Red Europea de Información y Documentación sobre América Latina LINK NOT WORKING (
    • This site focuses on Hispanic-related social sciences and humanities with a focus on Latin America and Europe.

When looking for a conference, always check the abstract submission deadline and the dates and location of the conference. Be mindful of all instructions, including the accepted languages for presenting your work.

This information is presented here as a resource, and in no way is it an endorsement of the information contained within the organizations listed above.