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Prior to any chemical treatment, the timbers from the ship must be meticulously documented with photography, laser scanning, and X-ray radiography.
For the laser scanning, scientists at the CRL are using a FARO Edge ScanArm and Geomagic's Design X software to scan and model the timbers.
As the timbers are scanned, they will be 3D printed at a 1:12 scale and a model of the ship will be built with the printed timbers. Additionally, the ship will be virtually reconstructed using computer modelling software.
Below is a gallery of the scanned timbers. As the project continues, more timber models and photos will be added to this page.

Note: The model files can be downloaded for free under the creative commons license, simply click on the model name in blue, and click 'download' from the model page. To measure the models online, go here, and search for the timber by name. All units are in millimeters.

Process Steps

Stage 1: Excavation
Stage 2: Shipping
Stage 3: Documentation <=
Stage 4: Conservation