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Theses and Dissertations

Thesis and Dissertation List, last updated Fall 2023.


Any entries missing from this list have yet to be uploaded into the Oaktrust database.

Adams, Robert Marshall1985TConstruction and Qualitative Analysis of a Sewn Boat of the Western Indian Ocean
Albertson, John Arthur2014TThe Juniper Coast: A Survey of the Medieval Shipwrecks of Novy Svet, Ukraine
Amer, Christopher Francis1986TThe Construction of the Brown Bay Vessel
Arcak, Cory2009TThe Conservation of Seventeenth Century Archaeological Glass
Atauz, Ayse Devrim2004DTrade, Piracy, and Naval Warfare in the Central Mediterranean: The Maritime History and Archaeology of Malta
Atkins, Carrie Elizabeth2010TMore than a Hull: Religious Ritual and Sacred Space on Board the Ancient Ship
Atkinson, Christopher Michael2012TImpacts of Bottom Trawling on Underwater Cultural Heritage
Bachhuber, Christoph Stephen2004TAspects of Late Helladic Sea Trade
Bajdek, Brennan P.2012TThe Analysis and Conservation of Two 18-pounder Carronades from the U.S. Navy Schooner Shark
Baker, James1982TComputer and Nautical Archaeology Characterization of the CSS Georgia Wreck Site
Baldwin, Elizabeth Robinson1997TThe Reconstruction of the Lake Champlain Side-wheel Steamer Champlain II
Banaclocha, Jose Luis Casaban2017DThe Twelve Apostles: Design, Construction, and Function of Late 16th-Century Spanish Galleons
Bartoli, Dante Giuliano2009DMarble Transport in the Time of the Severans: A New Analysis of the Punta Scifo a Shipwreck at Croton, Italy
Batchvarov, Kroum Nickolaev2002TThe Framing of Seventeenth-Century Men-of-war in England and Other Northern European Countries
Batchvarov, Kroum Nickolaev2010DThe Kitten Shipwreck: Archaeology and Reconstruction of a Black Sea Merchantman
Bendig, Charles Dillon2021DMediterraneum Mare: Shipbuilding in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period (AD 1000 - 1700)
Bishop, Daniel E.2021TThe Sloop Boscawen: Hull Construction and Design During the Mid-Eighteenth Century in the Champlain Valley
Bojakowski, Katie Michelle Custer2011DExploration and Empire: Iconographic Evidence of Iberian Ships of Discovery
Bojakowski, Piotr Tadeusz2012DWestern Ledge Reef Wreck: The Analysis and Reconstruction of the Late 16th-Century Ship of the Spanish Empire
Borgens, Amy Anne2004TAnalysis of the Pass Cavallo Shipwreck Assemblage, Matagorda Bay, Texas
Bratten, John Raymond1997DThe Continental Gondola Philadelphia
Brenni, Gianmarco Mario Raffaele1985TThe Dolia and the Sea-Borne Commerce of Imperial Rome
Brigadier, Sara R.2002TThe Artifact Assemblage From the Pepper Wreck: An Early Seventeenth Century Portuguese East-Indiaman that Wrecked in the Tagus River
Brill, Olivia2021TA Study of the Nautical Imagery in the Skylitzes Matritensis Codex
Brooks, Catherine Freedom2021T“And Bread Itself is Gathered as a Fruit”: The 18th Century British Breadfruit Voyages
Brown, Heather Gale2011TA Study of Lead Ingot Cargoes from Ancient Mediterranean Shipwrecks
Buford, Valerie Samantha2000TThe Militia of the Sea: A Guide to the Confederate Privateers of the American Civil War, 1861-1865
Campana, Lilia2010TVettor Fausto (1490-1546), Professor of Greek and a Naval Architect: A New Light on the 16th-Century Manuscript Misure di vascelli etc. di…proto dell’Arsenale di Venetia
Campana, Lilia2014DThe Immortal Fausto: The Life, Works, and Ships of the Venetian Humanist and Naval Architect Vettor Fausto (1490-1546)
Carris, Dana2022
Cartellone, Chris2015DH.M.S. Solebay and Maritime Archaeological Heritage Preservation in Nevis, West Indies
Carter, Brinnen Stiles1995TArmament Remains from His Majesty's Sloop Boscawen
Cassavoy, Kenneth Albert1985TThe Gaming Pieces from the Glass Wreck at Serce Limani, Turkey
Castro, Filipe Vieira de2001DThe Pepper Wreck: A Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River
Catsambis, Alexis2009TThe Bronze Age Shipwreck at Sheytan Deresi
Catsambis, Alexis2012DPreserving the Submerged and Coastal Maritime Heritage of the United States
Charlton, William Harrison1996T Rope and the Art of Knot-Tying in the Seafaring of the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
Chick, Nina Mayon2015TThe Cargo of the Steamboat Heroine and the Army of the Frontier, 1838
Choltco, Margaret E.2010TForeign Influences and Consequences on the Nuragic Culture of Sardinia
Claesson, Stefan Hans1998TAnnabella: A North American Coasting Vessel
Clifford, Sheila Alicia1993TAn Analysis of the Port Royal Shipwreck and its Role in the Maritime History of Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica
Cochran, Paul Guy2019TNot Just Another Brick in the Wall: An XRF Study of the Port Royal Bricks
Coggeshall, James Lowell1997TThe Fireship and its Role in the Royal Navy
Cohen, Chelsea Marin2017TRaising Port Royal: A Geospatial Reconstruction of the 1692 City Through Integrated GIS and 3D Modeling
Coke, BobbyeJo Evon2005TConservation of Waterlogged Linoleum
Collier, Megan Elizabeth2013TShip of the God: The Amun-Userhet in New Kingdom Egypt
Collins, Claire Aliki2012TAmphora Graffiti from the Byzantine Shipwreck at Novy Svet, Crimea
Cook, Christopher J.2001TMaritmity in Prehistoric Scandinavia: Cognitive Domain Formation and the Reconstruction of a Mesolithic Mindset
Cook, Gregory D.1997TThe Readers Point Vessel: Hull Analysis of an Eighteenth Century Merchant Sloop Excavated in St. Ann's Bay Jamaica
Corder, Catharine Leigh Inbody2009TLa Belle: Rigging in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, a Reconstruction of a Seventeenth-Century Ship's Rig
Cowin, Margaret Mary1986TArtifacts Recovered off the SouthWestern Turkish Coast By Institute Of Nautical Archaeology Ship Surveys in 1973 and 1980
Cox, Starr Nicole2009TEnfield Rifles: The Composite Conservation of Our American Civil War Heritage
Cozzi, Joseph Robert2000DThe Lake Champlain Sailing Canal Boat
Creasman, Pearce2012DExtracting Cultural Information from Ship Timber
Creasman, Pearce Paul2007TThe Cairo Dahshur Boats
Crisman, Kevin James1984TThe Eagle: An American Brig on Lake Champlin During the War of 1812
Cuellar, Samuel Marshall2015TIn A Different Light: An Examination of Artifacts Using Affordable Digital Infrared Imaging
Custer, Katie Michelle2004T Wrought Iron Hand Tools Recovered from Archaeological Excavations from Colonial Port Royal, c. 1692.
Daniel, Joshua Andrew2010TEtruscan Amphorae and Trade in the Western Mediterranean, 800-400 B.C.E.
Danis, Doreen Marie2002TAn Analysis of Galley Ware from a Ninth-Century Shipwreck at Bozburun, Turkey
Darrington, Glenn Paul1994TAnalysis and Reconstruction of Impermanent Structure of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Darroch, Alison Christine1986TThe Visionary Shadow: A Description and Analysis of the Armaments Aboard the Santo Antonio De Tanna
Davis, Danny Lee2001TNavigation in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
Deckinga, Mara A.2016TArctic Steam and Sail: Reconstructing HMS Pioneer
Dempsey, Annaliese2020TReconstructing the Rig of Queen Anne's Revenge
Dewolf, Helen Catherine1998DChinese Porcelain and Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica
Dimucci, Arianna Michelle2015TAn Ancient Iron Cargo in the Indian Ocean: The Godavaya Shipwreck
Dollarhide, Kirsten Dianne2019TA Tale of Two Shipping Crates from Brother Jonathan 1865
Donachie, Madeleine J.2001DHousehold Ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1692: The Building 4/5 Assemblage
Dostal, Christopher Matthew2015TX-Ray Fluorescence as a Method of Characterizing Inorganic Pigment Patterns in Art
Dostal, Christopher Matthew2017DLaser Scanning as a Methodology for the 3-D Digitization of Archaeological Ship Timbers: A Case Study Using the World Trade Center Shipwreck
Doyle, Noreen1998TIconography and the Interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Watercraft
DuBard, Bryana2013TThe Key to All the Indies: Defense of the Isthmus of Panama
Eginton, Coral Am-Erika2014THealth and Disease on the Dutch High Seas: An Analysis of Medical Supplies from Batavia, Vergulde Draak and Zeewijk
Eilert, Eloise Brackenridge2012TConservation of Severely Damaged Paper Using Passivation Polymers
Emery, Eric Brandon2003DThe Last of Mr. Brown's Mosquito Fleet: A History and Archaeology of the American Row Galley Allen on Lake Champlain, 1814-1825
Erwin, Gail1994TPersonal Possessions from the HMS Boscawen: Life on Board A Mid Eighteenth-Century Warship During the French and Indian War
Farrar, Joshua Robert 2020DThe Milam Street Bridge Artifact Assemblage: Houstonians Joined by the Common Thread of Artifacts - A Story Spanning from the Civil War to Modern Day
Feulner, Mark Antony2002TAn Analysis of Iron Goods Recovered from La Salle's Belle
Fitzgerald, Michael Andrew1995TA Roman Wreck at Caesarea Maritima, Israel: A Comparative Study of its Hull and Equipment
Fix, Peter Douglas2015DArchaeological Watercraft: A Review and Critical Analysis of the Practice
Flanigan, Alan Thomas1999TThe Rigging Material from Boscawen: Setting the Sails of a Mid-Eighteenth-Century Warship During the French and Indian War
Flynn, Peter Erik2006TH.M.S. Pallas: Historical Reconstruction of an 18th-Century Royal Navy Frigate
Ford, Benjamin Louis2010DLake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape
Fox, Georgia Lynne1991TThe Bronze Age Objects from Tel Nami, Israel: Their Conservation and Implications for Ancient Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean
Fox, Georgia Lynne1998DThe Study and Analysis of the Kaolin Clay Tobacco Pipe Collection from the Seventeenth-Century Archaeological Site of Port Royal, Jamaica
Fraga, Tiago Miguel2009TSanto Antonio de Tanná Story and Reconstruction
Franca, Raphael2017TA Geospatial Analysis of Pre-Columbian Florida Log Boats
Franklin, Carol Ann1985TCaulking Techniques in Northern and Central European Ships and Boats 1500BC - AD 1940
Franklin, Carol Ann1992DWrought Iron Hand Tools in Port Royal, Jamaica: A Study Based upon a Collection of the Tools Recovered from Archaeological Excavations and on Tools Listed in the Probate Inventories of Colonial Port Royal, c. 1692
Franklin, Marianne2006DBlood and Water; the Archaeological Excavation and Historical Analysis of the Wreck of the Industry, a North-American Transport Sloop Chartered by the British Army at the End of the Seven Years' War: British Colonial Navigation and Trade to Supply Spanish Florida in the Eighteenth Century
Frizzell, Timothy James2020TIn-Situ Preservation of Deep-Sea Shipwrecks: Understanding Biological Interactions and Environmental Impacts
Gallagher, Nathan2015TThe Lake George Bateaux: British Colonial Utility Craft in the French and Indian War
Galloso, Robin2022
Garigen, Lisa Lynn1991TDescription and Analysis of Flintlock Pistols Recovered from a Seventheenth-Century Shipwreck of Pedro Bank, Jamaica
Garver, Elizabeth Leona1993TByzantine Amphoras of the Ninth Through Thirteenth Centuries in the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology
Gauthier-Berube, Marijo2022DBuilding Ships in the Late 17th-Century France: Agency, Traditional Knowledge, and Technology in Shipyards
Geannette, Mark Alan1983TMast Step and Keelson: The Early Development of a Shipbuilding Technology
Goelet, Michael Peter1986TThe Careening and Bottom Maintenance of Wooden Sailing Vessels
Gongaware, Laura Lynn2013TFinding a Middle Ground in the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage
Gordon, Leeanne Elizabeth2010TNewash and Tecumseth: Analysis of Two Post-War of 1812 Vessels on the Great Lakes
Gorham, Lee Dillon2000DThe Archaeobotany of the Bozburun Byzantine Shipwreck
Gotelipe-Miller, Shirley1990TPetwer and Pewterers from Port Royal, Jamaica: Flatware Before 1692
Grant, David Mitchell1996TTools from the French and Indian War Sloop Boscawen
Gutierrez, Miguel2017THistorically Accurate: The Naval Gun Sights and Percussion Locks Recovered from the Confederate Ironclad Ram CSS Georgia
Haddan, Lester James1995TCeramic from the American Steamboat Phoenix (1815-1819), and Their Role in Understanding Shipboard Life
Hagseth, Megan Christine2015TNilotic Livestock Transport in Ancient Egypt
Hagseth, Megan Christine2020DTurtleizing Mariners - The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Consumption of Large Testudines in 16th- to 19th- Century Maritime Communities
Hailey, Tommy Ike1994DThe Analysis of 17th-, 18th- and 19th-Century Ceramics from Port Royal, Jamaica for Lead Release: A Study in Archaeotoxicology
Haldane, Cheryl Ward1984TThe Dashur Boats
Haldane, Cheryl Ward1993DAncient Egyptian Hull Construction
Haldane, David Douglas 1984TThe Wooden Anchor
Hall, Jerome Lynn1996DA Seventeenth-Century Northern European Merchant Shipwreck in Monte Cristi Bay, Dominican Republic
Halpern, Michael David1985TThe Origins of the Caroloinian Sidereal Compass
Hammond, Amelia Jordan2019TShipboard Life Aboard Phoenix II: Conserving And Interpreting the Artifacts from Lake Champlain’s Fifth Steamboat
Harpster, Matthew Benjamin2005DA Re-assembly and Reconstruction of the 9th-Century AD Vessel Wrecked off the Coast of Bozburun, Turkey
Harrison, Peyton2022
Hartmann, Mark Joseph1996DThe Development of Watercraft in the Prehistoric Southeastern United States
Hastings, Garrett R.2021TThe Wondrous Ocean: Tales of the Headless, Dead, and the Deep From 16th and 17th Century Seafarers
Hatch, Heather Elaine2013DHarbour Island: The Comparative Archaeology of a Maritime Community
Hazlett, Alexander Dean2007DThe Nau of the Livro Nautico: Reconstructing a Sixteenth-Century Indiaman from Texts
Hedrick, David Layne1998TThe Investigation of the Caney Creek Shipwreck Archaeological Site 41MG32
Heidtke, Kenan Paul1992TJamaican Red Clay Tobacco Pipes
Hendren, Richard Hanson2021DThe History of H-Class Submarines and Archaeology of the Submarine USS H-1 (Ex Seawolf) (1913-1920)
Herbst, Julia M.2019TThe Construction of the CityPlace Schooner
Herron, Richard D.1998DThe Development of Asian Watercraft: From the Prehistoric Era to the Advent of European Colonization
Higgins, Courtney Rosali2012TThe Venetian Galley of Flanders: From Medieval (2-Dimensional) Treatises to 21st Century (3-Dimensional) Model
Hirschfeld, Nicolle Elise1990TIncised Marks on Late Helladic and Late Minoan III Pottery
Hitchcock, Peter Winston2002TIntelligent Whale: A Historical and Archaeological Analysis of an American Civil War Submersible
Hocker, Frederick Martin1991DThe Development of a Bottom-based Shipbuilding Tradition in Northwestern Europe and the New World
Hoskins, Sara Grace2003T16th Century Cast-Bronze Ordnance at the Museu de Angra do Heroismo
Hoyt, Steven Douglas1986TAn Empirical System for the Identification of Smooth Bore, Cast Iron Cannon
Hundley, Paul Fredric1980TThe Construction of the Griffon Cove Wreck
Indruszewski, George1996TA Comparative Analysis of Early Medieval Shipwrecks from the Southern Shores of the Baltic Sea
Inglis, Douglas Andrew2014TThe Borobudur Vessels in Context
Inglis, Douglas Andrew2020DThe Abusir Boat-Burial: Change and Continuity in Boatbuilding Technology and Funerary Practice in Third Millennium Egypt
Ingram, Rebecca Suzanne2005TFaience and Glass Beads from the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck at Uluburun
Ingram, Rebecca Suzanne2013DAnalysis and Reconstruction of Shipwreck YK 11 (c. Seventh Century A.D.) from the Theodosian Harbor at Yenikapı in Istanbul, Turkey
Inoue, Takahiko1991TA Nautical Archaeological Study of Kublai Khan's Fleets
Ioset, Benjamin Murray2021DThe Last Schooners: The Two-Masted Schooner Katie Eccles and the Decline of Sail on Lake Ontario
James, Stephen Robert1985TThe Analysis of the Conde De Tolosa and the Neustra Senora De Guadalupe Olive Jar Assemblage
Jarvis, Charlotte Amalie Keatinge2022TGenever and Gin Consumption in the Age of Sail: The Netherlands and the United Kingdom
Jobling, Harold James Williamson1993TThe History and Development of English Anchors ca. 1550 to 1850
Johnson, David A.2000TPort Royal, Jamaica, and the Slave Trade
Jones, Michael Rice2007TOxhide Ingots, Copper Production, and the Mediterranean Trade in Copper and Other Metals in the Bronze Age
Jones, Michael Rice2013DThe Recovery, Reconstruction, and Analysis of Yenikapi 14 (YK 14), a Middle Byzantine Merchant Ship from the Theodosian Harbor Excavations at Yenikapi, Istanbul
Jones, Toby Nephi2004TThe Mica Shipwreck: Deepwater Nautical Archaeology in the Gulf of Mexico
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Kane, Timothy Joseph2006TInfluence and Evolution: The Development of the Batten Lug Sail
Kapahnke, Sheri Louise2020TApplying Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) to an Archaeological Site Under Water
Kennedy, Carolyn2015TShelburne Shipyard Steamboat Graveyard: Archaeological Investigation of Four Steamboat Wrecks
Kennedy, Carolyn2019DThe History and Archaeology of the Lake Champlain Steamboat Phoenix II (1820-1837)
Kitson-Mimmack, Joy Joan1988TThe Glass Beakers of the Eleventh-Century Serce Limani Shipwreck: A Preliminary Study
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Lang, Shelley Ruby1986TThe Mittie Stephens: A Sidewheel Steamboat on the Inland Rivers, 1863-1869
Larson, Thomas Scott2010TExperiments Concerning the Mold Materials Used in the Production of the Copper Ingots from the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck Excavated at Uluburun, Turkey
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Levin, Joshua Aaron2006TWestern Empire: The Deep Water Wreck of a Mid-Nineteenth Century Wooden Sailing Ship
Lewis, Michael Kenneth2021TDigital 3D Reconstruction of British 74-gun Ship-of-the-line, HMS Colossus, from its Original Construction Plans
Lickliter-Mundon, Megan Elaine2018DAviation Archaeology: History, Theory, Practice and Direction
Lin, Shih-Han Samuel2012TLading of the Late Bronze Age Ship at Uluburun
Littlefield, Johnny Dwayne2012TThe Hull Remains of the Late Hellenistic Shipwreck at Kızılburun, Turkey
Littlefield, Johnny Dwayne2020DDavid and the David-class of American Civil War Era Torpedo Boats of Charleston, South Carolina
Lloyd, Manuela Francisca1984TA Byzantine Shipwreck at Iskandil Burnu, Turkey: Preliminary Report
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Lyon, Jerry Dean1993TThe Pottery from a Fifth Century BC Shipwreck at Ma'agan Michael, Israel
Mäkelä, Tommi Tapani2002TShips and Shipbuilding in Mesopotamia (ca. 3000-2000 BC)
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