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Ship Model Laboratory

Glenn Grieco

Model maker Glenn Grieco building the paddlewheel assembly for Heroine

The construction of models of ship remains is a tool that can be used to understand information derived from archaeological and historical research. Glenn Grieco, a graduate of the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M University, is a professional ship modeler.

Glenn is currently working on several models, including a new version of La BellePrevious models have included another two models of the 17th-century French ship La Belle, one of La Belle's cannons, including the carriage, sections of the Western river steamboat Heroine and her steam engine, a working capstan model, and a model of the War of 1812 American brig Jefferson.

We actively seek contract work to build to your specifications any scaled model of a historical ship. Model projects built under the Nautical Archaeology Program at Texas A&M come with the added bonus of undergoing extensive research to ensure that models are built as historically accurately as possible.

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