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Nathaly Lopez ‘21: Broadening Aggie Horizons

Nathaly Lopez ‘21 was empowered to study abroad. Her trip to Spain broadened her horizons, taught her to appreciate culture, and inspired her to give back to Aggies.

By Rachel Knight ‘18

Nathaly Lopez

The Melissa Renea Morrow Memorial Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship empowered Nathaly Lopez to study abroad in college and inspired her to give back to Aggies.

On a warm summer evening, hot tears trickled down Nathaly’s face. The plan Nathaly Lopez ‘21 made to study abroad in Spain was all but crushed when she found out her financial aid and scholarships were going to be reduced.

The international studies major with minors in Spanish and business was working two jobs to help supplement her scholarships and financial aid. She’d always dreamed of studying abroad, a key component to her career goal of starting her own international company. Now more than ever, her dream felt a million miles away.

Two days later, Nathaly received an email that changed everything: thanks to Beverly Ann Bell’s and Bill Morrow’s generosity in funding the Melissa Renea Morrow Memorial Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship, Aggies like Nathaly can broaden their horizons.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Nathaly shared with Beverly and Bill while in Spain. “I am deeply appreciative of your support; it was as if this giant weight of anxiety and stress was suddenly lifted. Because of your generous help, I have been able to live out one of my dreams, to travel outside of the United States to study and appreciate another culture.”

While abroad, Nathaly continued working towards her school and career goals through an internship with a Spanish entrepreneur’s small company. “It’s all thanks to people like Beverly and Bill,” Nathaly said.

Beverly and Bill did more than help Nathaly fund a trip to Spain. They changed her life, taught her to appreciate other cultures, enabled her to continue on her career path, and inspired her to give back to Aggies just as they had done for her.

“I promise to encourage other fellow Aggies to travel abroad,” she shared. “It’s definitely possible thanks to people like [Beverly Ann and Bill] who care about students and our studies. I hope to one day be able to support other students on their college journeys, too.”