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Association of Graduate Students of Hispanic Studies Facilitate Professional Development Colloquia

By José Jacobo

During the Fall of 2022, the Association of Graduate Students of Hispanic Studies, from the Department of Global Languages & Cultures (GLAC), conducted two professional development colloquia for fellow graduate students. The purpose of these events is to introduce colleagues and fellow graduate students to the most commonly requested documents for jobs in academia. That is, the aim is to increase fellow graduate students’ expertise in pedagogical and research fields in addition to building their confidence and their professional portfolios.Professors addressing colloquium participants.

José Jacobo and Rafael Fernández López, both PhD students in the GLAC Department, facilitated the first colloquium “How to Write a Curriculum Vitae?” on Friday October 28, 2022, at 12:00 PM in the Academic Building Room 326. Attendees engaged in research and teaching focused styles used to highlight different aspects of their academic experience on their Curriculum Vitae (CV). Specifically, this colloquium focused on methods of tailoring a CV to a particular job description. Using the language of the job description is important because sending a teaching-focused CV to apply to a research-focused position could hinder an applicant’s possibilities of receiving interview requests.

The second colloquium “How to Write a Diversity Statement?” was facilitated by José Jacobo and Dr. Solem Minjarez on Friday November 18, 2022, at 12:00 PM in the Academic Building Room 326. Attendees gained an understanding of the five components of a diversity statement: (1) telling your story, (2) demonstrating your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues, (3) avoiding false parallels, (4) stating your initiative to help underrepresented groups, and (5) describing your future plans for promoting DEI. Although a fairly new document, a diversity statement has become one of the key requirements when applying for jobs in academia. In a way, a diversity statement is an opportunity to show institutions how hiring an applicant would be beneficial for their student body and university climate.Graduate students participating in discussion during professional development colloquium.

During Spring 2023, the colloquia will be facilitated by José Jacobo, Ivylove Cudjoe, and Kelly Shipman, all PhD students from the GLAC Department. This colloquium will concentrate on practices the develop and cultivate professional relationships between graduate students and faculty through collaboration. Strengthening the ties between graduate students and faculty creates a better and reciprocal environment.

The Association of Graduate Students of Hispanic Studies is planning two additional colloquia to offer leadership development opportunities for fellow graduate students. Further details will be announced on our social media.