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International Studies Curriculum

The B.A. in International Studies is an interdisciplinary degree. Its principal objectives are: (1) to provide an international perspective on such issues as economics, political science, and history and to allow more concentrated coursework in subjects and geographical regions aligned with a student’s interest; (2) to assure competency in a foreign language; (3) to offer an integrated study experience at an international site; and (4) to develop an understanding of the important and complex human, social, political, and economic issues at work in international affairs. The curriculum consists of the following requirements: (1) a minimum of 20 credit hours in a foreign language at the college level; (2) at least one long semester or one 10-week summer approved experience in a study abroad or other international program with an emphasis on cultural and language immersion; (3) the completion of 33 hours (at least 12 advanced) in the major, including 15 hours of core courses; (4) 18 hours in one of five tracks or topic areas: International Politics and Diplomacy, International Commerce, International Environmental Studies, International Communication and Media, and International Arts and Culture; and (5) 9 hours of area studies in courses related to Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and North Africa and the Middle East.

Core Courses (15 Hours)

Credit Hours Course Names
3 INTS 201 -Introduction to International Studies
3 INTS 205 – Current Issues in International Studies (1 hour course to be taken 3 times)
6 INTS 400-480, 485 (no more than 3 hours), 489, 497
3 INTS 481 – Senior Seminar in International Studies

Tracks (18 hours). Choose one track. Courses to be chosen from the following from at least two departments.

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International Arts and Culture Track

International Communication and Media Track

International Commerce Track

International Politics and Diplomacy Track

International Environmental Studies Track

International Geographic Info Systems Track


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