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Spanish – International Experience

education abroad students in Chile

Study Abroad for Spanish Majors

Spanish Majors should contact Zuleika Carrasco-Martinez and/or the Education Abroad office.

A key component of the Spanish major is that students are required to have a minimum 10-week experience abroad in order to advance their command of the Spanish language and immerse themselves in the Hispanic culture of Latin America or Spain. Students can fulfill this requirement in different ways:

  • Faculty-led programs. Students may earn TAMU credit towards their major or minor by enrolling in a semester or summer program directly sponsored by the Department. TAMU students from other departments with an interest in the Spanish language and culture are welcome to participate in these sponsored programs and earn college credit.
    • Reciprocal Education Exchange Program. Students may earn TAMU credit in a reciprocal program approved by the Department. Currently, Hispanic Studies does not offer its own reciprocal programs, but the Office of Education Abroad has options in Spanish-speaking countries. In order to have SPAN or HISP credit for courses taken abroad, these courses must be pre-approved by our Advising Office.
  • Independent Study. Students have the option of participating in semester/summer study abroad programs made outside service providers approved by the university and the department. In all instances, students participating in these programs require pre-approval prior to departure to ensure that courses taken abroad are credit-bearing and applicable to their degree plan. Many of these providers have agreements with Texas A&M and information about locations, deadlines, and cost is available through the Study Abroad Office.
  • Non-credit bearing experience abroad. Students may participate in an experience abroad without earning college credit, as long as they demonstrate participation in pre-approved internships, charity programs, or other non-academic venues done in a Spanish-speaking country. University programs such as the Public Policy Internship Program or the MSC LT Jordan Institute for International Awareness offer great opportunities for Spanish majors to gain valuable experience while interning at international locations. Students can also find their own internship opportunities through outside agencies. In some cases, students may earn credit for some of these experiences by enrolling in Spanish 484 and completing the course requirements even while living abroad.

Spanish Minors and Transfer Credit

Spanish Minors and all other students who need a Transfer Credit form should review the following checklist before contacting Dr. Victor Arizpe:

  • The Transfer Credit Form is complete
  • If the form is handwritten, be sure it can be easily read.
  • You have indicated, at least, two “alternate” courses in the Course Choice (in addition to Primary/ies.)
  • You have attached the syllabi/programs of courses you will take abroad
  • You have attached an unofficial transcript
  • You have already discussed with your academic advisor the course selection and how it will be adjusted into your degree.
  • You have indicated the name of your academic advisor
  • Be aware that deadline for any scholarship applications might precede that of the Study Abroad Transfer Credit Approval form.

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Dr. Arizpe ( study abroad pre-approval packets )
MWF 9:00 – 11:15am
Phone: 979-845-2125
Location:  ACAD 204C



This intensive program allows students to study several Latin American authors and artists, improve their Spanish language skills, and earn 6 credit hours of upper-level Spanish, all while living in the bustling capital of Chile against the picturesque backdrop of the Andes Mountains and studying on one of the most beautiful campuses in the Americas. One of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the world, Santiago de Chile, is also one of the artistic centers in Latin America.

Find more information on Education Abroad A&M Chile Aggies in the Andes Summer Faculty-led

Private Study Abroad Program Vendors

The Hispanic Studies program strives to enhance our students’ learning experience by maximizing class time. For that reason, we have agreed not to allow private vendors to come into our regular class meetings to promote study abroad programs. Please refrain from contacting faculty directly to obtain their permission to attend their classes; they will have to decline. Please note that we will be happy to make available to our students any study abroad promotional materials we receive.