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Our center has transitioned into the College of Arts and Sciences, meaning our website will be updated and moved. We appreciate your patience as we move into our new home.

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Autumn trees and wooden walkway with title of explore with us

Join in the Exploration!

Posted September 1, 2022

Happy Fall! The Center for the Study of the First Americans is the premier research organization dedicated to understanding the Ice Age peopling of the Americas. One of the reasons is because of Center members and we sincerely appreciate them! Center member support is crucial to research, education, public outreach, and vital to our mission […]

Cover of Mammoth Trumpet July 2022 featuring cave entrance of Chiquihuite cave.

In The Latest Issue of Mammoth Trumpet

Posted July 1, 2022

Take care, be well and read your Mammoth Trumpet! The July Mammoth Trumpet has published! The July Mammoth Trumpet takes us to Mexico and beyond. The remote cave of Chiquihuite has provided proof of human occupation, but how far back does this occupation go? Read about the the role of women hunters in Peru, as […]

Architecture of Hunting cover photo. Rocks and grass

New Book!

Posted January 31, 2022

New from the Peopling of the Americas Publications. Combining underwater archaeology, terrestrial archaeology, and ethnographic and historical research, The Architecture of Hunting investigates the creation and use of hunting architecture by hunter-gatherers. Using examples of hunting architecture from across the globe and how they influence forager mobility, territoriality, property, leadership, and labor aggregation, Ashley Lemke […]