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Thank you for your interest in the Race and Ethnic Studies Institute. RESI’s mission is to foster research that considers the historical and contemporary salience of race and ethnicity in human groups. We aim to bring together scholars who share a desire to understand how analytic and folk conceptions of racial and ethnic difference have shaped various aspects of the human experience. Historically, RESI has been closely affiliated with the Department of Sociology, which has the largest concentration of faculty studying race and ethnicity on the Texas A&M campus.  and has a rich history of interdisciplinary scholarship in studying race and ethnicity.

Texas A&M is fortunate to have faculty members in a variety of disciplines whose work is informed by a desire to understand how race and ethnicity, in their various formations, have shaped our world. It is our hope that RESI will continue to bring them together and encourage scholarly discussion through our workshops, colloquia, conferences, and collaborative research projects. To this end, we would like to extend an invitation to all interested faculty to affiliate with RESI. We also encourage interested graduate students, faculty, staff and community members to register your contact information so that you may receive event announcements.

We wish to emphasize that our mission of encouraging research in the field of racial and ethnic studies must not begin and end with Texas A&M University. Our ultimate goal is to develop and sustain a research community that includes faculty and graduate students at colleges and universities in the region in hopes that we might better examine the issues we face as an increasingly diverse society. We have attracted interest from our colleagues at other Texas campuses and we welcome them to attend our events in this and coming years.

As always, we welcome your input and your participation in the months to come. Continue visiting our website, as we will post information about upcoming events that are of interest to those in the field.


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