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Fellowship & Grant Recipients


On this page, you'll find a list of all of our active grant recipients and collaborations. Some of them may grow to include their own web pages with links to outcomes, etc. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to RESI or any given projects' primary investigator if you have any questions.

Special Collaborations

Africana Studies

Primary Investigator: Dr. Myeshia Babers, Lecturer

Co-Primary Investigator(s): Dr. Rebecca Hankins, Professor; Dr. CollinsDr. Alain Lawo-Sukam, Associate Professor; and Dr. David Donkor, Associate Professor

Project Title: Supporting Underserved Student Populations Across the College of Arts and Sciences

Latino/a & Mexican American Studies 

Primary Investigator: Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla, Associate Professor and Coordinator of LMAS

Project Title: Networks and Practices of Mentorship


Primary Investigator: Megan Bodily, Doctoral Student

Project Title: Understanding Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Belonging


Primary Investigator: Jaqueline Mendez, Doctoral Student

Co-Advisor(s):  Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla, Associate Professor and Dr. Pat Rubio Goldsmith, Professor

Project Title: Second-Hand Illegality: Exploring Bureaucratic Exclusion and Resource Inequality for U.S.-Born Latina/o Children of Undocumented Parent

Fellowship & Grant Recipients 2023-2024

RESI-Cantú Graduate Research Fellowship

Yaír André Cuenú-Mosquera, Hispanic Studies

Project Title: Afrourbanite Communities: Representation and (De) Construction of The Afro Experience in Urban Contexts in Afro-Colombian Literatures

Robyn Douglas, Clinical Psychology

Project Title: Amplifying Black and Latinx Youths Voices on Community Concerns, Socio-Cultural Strengths, and Mental Wellness in the Southwest: A Photovoice Project

Hannah Bowling, English

Project Title: ‘So base a hue? A beauteous blossom, sure’: Race and Identity in Shakespearean Performance from the Early Modern to the Postmodern.

Vanessa Verner, Sociology

Project Title: “Not by The Commission of Men’s Hands”: Gender, Race, and Class Politics within Black Pentecostalism

Graduate Student Small Research Grant

Daniel Gómez-Vásquez, Economics 

Project Title: Hiring in a Diverse Labor Market: Spillovers Across Minority Groups

Mikayla Renwick, Communication & Journalism

Project Title: Black Placemaking Geographies: The Development of Communities

Leslie Torres, History

Project Title: Challenging ‘Bad Sons of Uncle Sam’: Ethnic Mexican Acts of Resistance in Early 20th Century Texas

Faculty Research Small Seed Grant

Meg Perret, Assistant Professor in Global Languages and Cultures

Project Title: Migration Is Natural: Scientist-Activists and Environmental Justice in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands

Sarah McNamara, Assistant Professor in History

Project Title: Nuestra Historia: A Public History and Public Art Project

Undergraduate Research Grant

Diego Sepulveda-Allen, History

Project Title: Mexican Americans, Identity Politics, and Ethnic Pandering in South Texas, 1945-1985