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RESI-Led Research Projects


People are most familiar with the efforts RESI has put into supporting faculty and graduate research initiatives. Programs like our RESI-Cantú Graduate Research Fellows program for advanced graduate students and the Interdisciplinary Faculty Seed Grant for faculty directly support research related to race and ethnicity at Texas A&M University. RESI also supports research by acting as a hub to facilitate networking amongst scholars with a shared interest in race and ethnic studies.

RESI-Led Research Projects

RESI also has a history of conducting its own research. Recent projects like the Texas Diversity Study, the Texas Rural Study (in partnership with Prairie View A&M University), and the 2021 Mutual Aid Symposium help RESI establish its own research presence at Texas A&M University.

This year, we will launch several new projects and partnerships establishing a cohesive research agenda centered around two primary research initiatives: the Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Research Initiative and the Power & Inequality Research Initiative. The first project we are launching that spans both initiatives is:

The Anti-DEI Legislation Impact Study at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (ADLIS-HSI)

ADLIS-HSI is a project that seeks to measure the impact of recent legislative efforts across the country (including, but not limited to, Texas and Florida) to defund DEI programs, practices, and infrastructure in public four-year (particularly research-intensive) HSIs. ADLIS-HSI asks, how do these contemporary legislative efforts aimed at public higher education institutions affect faculty perceptions of their job security, their job satisfaction, and their decision-making processes about their employment? And for faculty who decide to leave their institutions, ADLIS-HSI asks what are the actual or potential economic impacts of those decisions? The ADLIS-HSI study is under preparation for submission to the IRB and external funders, and we hope to begin data collection as soon as possible.