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Colloquium Series

RESI is dedicated to hosting colloquiums that feature experts across diverse disciplines from both industry and academia. These presentations offer an interdisciplinary look at race and ethnic research. Our colloquiums showcase works-in-progress, recently published books or research, and community projects. These talks serve as an opportunity for faculty, students, staff and community members to engage in conversation about a variety of issues. Each of RESI’s colloquium traditionally begins with an introduction of the presenter, followed by the guest speakers’ exposition of their work or project. Then, attendees can expect to participate in an informal exchange of ideas with the presenter. 

RESI makes recordings of colloquiums available to the public after the presentation via Youtube. Recordings can also be found directly linked from the titles below. 


Past Colloquiums 

Academic Year 2021-2022

Presenter: Dr. Stephanie Savell, Co-Director of the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs.

Title: Racial Dimensions of US Post-9/11 Counterterrorism and the Conflict in Burkina Faso


Presenter:  Dr. Apryl Williams, Department of Communication and Media | University of Michigan; Dr. Rahsaan Mahadeo, Department of Sociology and Anthropology | Providence College; Dr. Betty Marquez, Department of Sociology | Texas State University; Dr. Brittany Slatton, Department of Sociology | University of Kansas; Jalia Joseph (Ph.D. Candidate), Department of Sociology | Texas A&M University.

Title: Thinking Race Scholarship: Towards a Future of Race Scholarship


Presenter: Dr. Verna Keith, Department of Sociology | Texas A&M University; Dr. Rogelio Saenz, Department of Demography | University of Texas San Antonio; Dr. Joe Feagin, Department of Sociology | Texas A&M University, and Dr. Steve Garner, Department of Sociology | Texas A&M University

Title:  Thinking Race Scholarship: Where Have We Been, Where do We Go?


Presenter: Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Department of Sociology | Duke University; Dr. Vanessa Gonlin, Department of Sociology | University of Georgia

Title: 30th RESI Anniversary Keynote Address


Presenter: Dr. Lara Medina, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies | California State University of Northridge

Title: Research on Day of our Lady of Guadalupe (Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe) and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) 


Presenter: Dr. Allegra Midgette, Department of Psychology and Brain Science | Texas A&M University

Title: “Did you see that too?” Unpacking the Role of Reasoning About and Exposure to Microaggressions


Presenter: Dr. Andrea Roberts, Center for Housing and Urban Development | Texas A&M University

Title: Adaptive Liminality: Land Stewardship and Revitalization Lessons from the Freedom Colony Diaspora


Presenter: Dr. Isabel Araiza, Department of Sociology | Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Title: The Evolution of Juan Crow in Higher Education. From Lulac V Richard to the President


Presenter: Dr. Wanzer-Serrano, Department of Communication | Texas A&M University

Title: Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution and the Rhetorical Challenges of ‘Servingness’


Academic Year 2020-2021 

Presenter: Dr.Hye-Kyung Kang, Department of Social Work | Seattle University 

Title: Erasure and Exclusion: White supremacy, coloniality and anti-Asian racism


Presenter: Celeste Arredondo-Peterson, Texas Organizing Project and Texas 4 All Campaign -Houston; Dr. Marisol Cortez, Academic, Author and Activist; Dr. Deidra Davis, Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning | Texas A&M University; Dr. Michelle Meyer, Department of Landscape and Urban Planning | Texas A&M University; Dr. Andrew Rumbach, Department of Landscape and Urban Planning | Texas A&M University; Dr. Shannon Van Zandt, Department of Landscape and Urban Planning | Texas A&M University; Dr. Siyu Yu, Department of Landscape and Urban Planning | Texas A&M University

Title: Iced Out: A Discussion on Winter Storm Uri (The Freeze), Racial Disparity, Place and Planning


Presenter: Dr. Lionel Kimble, Department of History | Chicago State University

Title: In Retrospect and Prospect: Monuments, Iconography and the Black Freedom Struggle


Presenter: Dr. Kayla Preito-Hodge, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice | Rutgers University

Title: Too Black for the Blues… Too Blue for the Blacks: An Exploration of Black Police officers in the Era of Black Lives Matter