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New FSRDC Presentation Series

We are excited to announce that the Federal Statistical Research Data Center program will host a Presentation Series beginning in Spring of 2021, with the first presentation in the series commencing March 31st! (for information on this presentation CLICK HERE). Presenters will be invited from the FSRDC researcher community to discuss their project findings as well as overall RDC experience. The presentation series will be a regularly scheduled network-wide event, open to and advertised to existing and potential RDC researchers, appropriate staff among agency partners, along with interested Census Bureau staff.

Who can present?

Any researcher who has obtained results from their RDC project is eligible to present. Ideally (though not required), researchers will have publicly presented results and/or published results in a peer-reviewed journal or working paper series. Results must have been approved by the Census Bureau Disclosure Review Board or a designated Disclosure Avoidance Officer.
If you meet the criteria and are interested in presenting, please contact Bryce Hannibal, Administrator at the Wasatch Front RDC at the University of Utah;

Who can attend?

Presentations are open to any interested party. Target audience members include Census Bureau staff researchers, current FSRDC researchers, future FSRDC researchers, and non-FSRDC researchers interested in the subject. A link will be provided in an announcement flyer sent out well before the presentation day. We encourage sharing the presentation flyer with interested researchers and colleagues.

STAY TUNED! We will provide updates as the presentation series starting date approaches. See our events page for featured FSRDC presentations.
Please contact Bryce Hannibal with any other questions.

We look forward to seeing you at the FSRDC Presentation Series!