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Parking and On-Campus Bus Route Information

Sad to say, there is no longer open free parking at the Texas Research Data Center. The Houston Bldg. parking area (Lot 107) is now a reserved lot and visitors using this lot must have a valid Texas A&M University (TAMU) parking pass. In some cases, TXRDC staff may be able to provide visitors with a temporary parking pass, but this cannot be guaranteed. Please make arrangements in advance by calling 979-845-5618 or emailing Michael Upchurch at

The notes below review parking options across different circumstances.

Texas A&M Students and Employees with a Parking Pass

Texas A&M students and employees who have a TAMU parking pass can park at the TXRDC but must use a business pass in combination with their personal TAMU parking pass. These visitors can coordinate with TXRDC staff for temporary use of one of a limited number of TXRDC business passes on an “as available” basis. Call 979-845-5618 or email Michael Upchurch at for assistance.

TAMU students and employees with parking passes also can purchase a businesses pass (approximately $36 for one year) to use for regular parking in the Houston Bldg. parking area (lot 107). For more information about buying a business permit, visit the Transportation Services website .

TAMU Students and employees with a valid day-time TAMU parking pass, but without a business pass, can find free parking in nearby lots 110 or 113 and walk to the TXRDC.

Texas A&M Students and Employees without a Parking Pass

TAMU students and employees who do not have a parking pass can coordinate with TXRDC staff to obtain a temporary parking pass. These are limited and are available to use only for short periods of time and on an “as available” basis (where out of town researchers are given priority access). For further information call 979-845-5618 or email Michael Upchurch at

Non-TAMU Researchers and Visitors

TXRDC researchers and visitors who are not from Texas A&M University should coordinate with TXRDC staff in advance to arrange for a temporary parking pass. Additionally, non-TAMU researchers who wish to obtain passes for longer periods of time have the option of buying a parking permit. Call 979-845-5618 or email Michael Upchurch at for more information about visitor parking options.

Texas A&M Shuttle Bus System

The TXRDC is also accessible via the on-campus Texas A&M Shuttle Bus system. The TXRDC/Houston Bldg. is currently accessible by walking across the street after getting off the bus at the White Creek Apartments #2 stop on Texas A&M Bus Route 03: Yell Practice . Visitors to TAMU and TXRDC are eligible to use the on-campus TAMU shuttle bus system. For more information about the transit service schedule, visit the Transportation Services website .

Event Parking

Please be aware that temporary parking passes are limited in number and may not be available to cover parking for persons attending TXRDC workshops, presentations, and other events without prior arrangement. When appropriate, please RSVP to assure parking will be covered.

Weekday Evenings

On weekday evenings (5:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) the Houston Bldg. parking area (Lot 107) is a reserved lot but requires only a TAMU parking pass (it does not require a business pass as is needed during weekday hours).


The Houston Bldg. parking area (Lot 107) is open to anyone on weekends. Please be aware that all available spots may be taken on some occasions (e.g., home football games). Call 979-845-5618 or email Michael Upchurch at for advice.

Game Day Weekends

The Houston Bldg. parking area (Lot 107) is accessible to researchers on game day weekends using either a temporary parking pass, a Lot 107 parking pass, or a combination of a TAMU parking pass and business pass. If the game day parking attendant is not aware that the lot falls under the guidelines for regular business hours, even during special occasions (e.g., home football games), please show the attendant the memo: Researcher Access to Houston Building Parking (Lot 107), which is accessible by clicking here.