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Got a Little Halloween Treat for You, Ags!

Treat yourself to some Halloween candy while learning a little about the 13 departments in the College of Liberal Arts.

By Rachel Knight ‘18

Happy Halloween from the College of Liberal Arts! Use our guide to help you find the right candy for you. Find the department of your favorite class or your major to see which candy might be right for you.

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish logo.

Thanks to talented nautical archeologists in the College of Liberal Arts, fish are not the only ones exploring shipwrecked history at the bottom of the sea. When you eat a Swidish Fish this Halloween, consider exploring some of the digital records of nautical archeologists’ work by visiting The Nautical Archaeology Digital Library


Photo of a Snickers bar.

We use lots of different methods to communicate with one another. Laughing, or snickering, is just one way to communicate your thoughts or feelings to others. Treat yourself to a Snickers and maybe consider sharing the nonverbal communications kind offline with a friend by giving them a call this Halloween. 


Photo of a PayDay.

Who doesn’t love payday – both the candy and the day we get paid! A degree in economics from Texas A&M University adds value to your future career and can help make your next payday a little sweeter. 

Heath Bars

Heath bar logo.

If you’ve hungered for more of Charlotte Bronte’s characters like Heathcliff, then a Heath Bar is the candy you need this Halloween! Pick up a Heath bar and enjoy it while getting to know all of the characters in Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

Hispanic Studies

Photo of Obleas con cajeta de leche de cabra.

A Hispanic studies degree puts you on the right path to a sweet career! That’s why Obleas, a  traditional Mexican snack made with thin wafers sandwiching a soft caramel-like candy, are the perfect Halloween candy for you. 


Photo of hands holding Warheads.

History buffs know that the past can be both sour and sweet. Enjoy a Warhead while reviewing historical moments throughout wars that have taken place across the globe throughout our world’s history. 

Interdisciplinary Critical Studies
Jawbreakers (or M&M’s because there are so many varieties) 

Photo of a jaw breaker split in half to reveal the colorful layers.

Just as jawbreakers have seemingly endless layers of colors and flavors, the interdisciplinary cultural studies department has seemingly endless possibilities of learning and areas of study. The layers in each add up to one sweet treat. Enjoy each layer of your jawbreaker and degree!

International Studies
Cadbury Screme Egg

Photo of Screme Eggs.

Cadbury was founded in the UK in 1824. It’s kind of like the Hershey’s of England. Sink your teeth into one of their Halloween Screme Eggs this year for a taste of the UK without having to leave home. 

Performance Studies

Photo of PEZ dispenser display.

With characters like Popeye, Wonder Wonder Woman, Michale Scott, and Chewbacca topping the collectible dispensers, PEZ is the perfect candy for performance studies majors. Like theatre itself, PEZ invites people of all ages to engage with both current popular culture and a historical past. 

Laffy Taffy

Photo of colorful Laffy Taffy wrappers.

Laffy Taffy is two doses of philosophical fun. The wrapper tells a joke with “philosophical” questions. While you chew the answer you also get to enjoy the tangy and sweet treat itself. Studying philosophy at Texas A&M University is a sweet treat, too!

Political Science
Mike and Ike

Photo of Mike and Ike candies.

Since 1952 when Ike Eisenhower defeated Adlai Stevenson, US presidential candidates have run televised advertisements as part of their campaigns. One of Eisenhower’s advertisements was a catchy theme song with a hand-drawn cartoon. 

Psychological & Brain Sciences

Photo of Smarties.

Smarties know that studying psychological and brain sciences at Texas A&M University can help make life sweet! Ponder taking a few classes or even majoring in psychological and brain sciences while eating some smarties this Halloween.

Cow Tales

Photo fo Cow Tales candies in a Halloween bowel.

Did you know the first sociology course at Texas A&M University was offered in the 1918-1919 academic year, or that what’s now the Department of Sociology began in the College of Agriculture as the Department of Rural Social Science? Today, the Department of Sociology is one of the leading sociology programs in the country.