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Our Team


Maura Ives

Office: LAAH 440 (Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building)

Dr. Maura Ives is a Professor in the Department of English. Her research area is 19th century print and digital textual studies. Her work focuses on Victorian women writers (especially Christina Rossetti and Jean Ingelow), Victorian women's religious writing and its literary and bibliographical subgenres (hymns, devotional calendars, illuminated texts, musical settings, periodicals), material culture and biography.

Associate Director

Amy Earhart

Office: LAAH 469 (Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building)

Dr. Amy Earhart is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and affiliated faculty of Africana Studies. Her scholarship has focused on examining infrastructures of technology and their impact and replication of “race,” building infrastructure for DH work, embedding DH projects within the classroom, and tracing the history and futures of DH with a particular interest in the way that DH and Black Studies intersect.

Associate Research Scientist for Critical Infrastructure Studies

Bryan Tarpley

Office: LAAH 434 (Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building)

Dr. Bryan Tarpley is Associate Research Scientist for Critical Infrastructure Studies at CoDHR. His work in the digital humanities involves building data management tools (like Corpora) that cater to humanities research. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in English, where his scholarship focuses on affect theory in contemporary literature. His chief duties at the center are to perform software development on CoDHR projects, consult with project owners, manage server infrastructure and the Humanities Visualization Space, and occasionally teach DH-oriented classes through CoDHR’s continuing education program, Programming4Humanists.

Program Coordinator

Kayley Hart

Office: LAAH 446 (Liberal Arts and Arts & Humanities Building)

Kayley Hart began working for CoDHR as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in 2018. She continued working as a Graduate Research Assistant until 2021 when she earned her MA in English with a Digital Humanities Certificate. She has now transitioned to being the Program Coordinator for CoDHR, coordinating its various programs, events, and grant opportunities, and directing the graphic design efforts for a handful of digital projects.

Student Technicians

Student Technicians are Undergraduate Students who assist in entering, encoding, and verifying data for a variety of projects housed at CoDHR.

  • Grace Hoelscher, English
  • Andrew Hoyt, Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Computer Science
  • Fernando Gonzalez Torres, Industrial Engineering

Thank you to our former students for their contributions:

  • Emmeline Blevins, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Jade Gooden, Anthropology

Advisory Board