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Past Projects

Past Projects are projects from Texas A&M University faculty and students, and external scholars, that CoDHR has previously hosted, developed, and/or provided technical assistance to.

The Early Modern OCR Project (eMOP) aims to publish an open source OCR workflow, improve the visibility of early modern texts by making them fully searchable, and form a community of scholars and institutions interested in the digital preservation of these texts. Its goal is to foster collaboration among various disciplines, and, in doing so, cultivate inter-institutional and international relationships that make possible new kinds of humanities research.

Researcher: Dr. William Bedford Clark

As pianist and teacher, Herbert Ricker was a significant force in the cultural life of the Southwest in the middle-third of the twentieth century. He could trace his musical pedigree back to Beethoven through a series of renowned artist/teachers and was himself a gifted composer. This project aims at preserving the complete body of his extant work. Privileged to have studied with him as a young man, I naturally had a personal interest in making these scores available to present and future generations, but the quality of the music itself justifies preservation and wider dissemination.

There are six Intermediate-level instructional pieces that combine charm with sophisticated harmonic and technical elements, and Ricker's most ambitious piece, Sonatine (in reality a full-fledged sonata), was performed publically by the noted Czech pianist Rudolf Firkusny and highly regarded by a number of influential contemporaries. It clearly warrants revival. Scholars of local and regional history and the interplay between "provincial" and elite cultures should likewise find this archive valuable, an invitation to future research into the cross-pollination between the vital, if often overlooked, arts scene in the American heartland and coastal "high" culture.

The Interiority Research Project consists of an interdisciplinary collaborative group who come together around the broad question: What is the status of an “inner life” in contemporary cultures organized around technology, entertainment and capitalism? Each participant is working on an individual research project connected in some way to interiority as a human capacity. An interactive, digital working environment will allow participants to collaborate, share resources, and comment on each others’ work.

The Mexican Reintegration Project (MRP) is a global research initiative aimed at supporting the international community by conducting research of the complexity of deportation phenomenon. By focusing on Mexico and the United States, we conduct research that can document the challenges deportees experience in efforts to reintegrate into Mexico. Our website provides data from our ongoing research as well as resources from other organizations that can support deportees in the reintegration process.

Montemayor's Diana is a digital scholarly edition of Bartholomew Yong’s English translation of Jorge de Montemayor’s pastoral romance Los siete libros de la Diana, one of Shakespeare’s sources for The Two Gentlemen of Verona (and other plays like As You Like It and Twelfth Night).

Networks for New Media, Religion, and Digital Culture is designed for scholars, students and those interested in exploring topics and questions emerging at the intersections of religion, the internet and new, social and mobile media. The Network offers an interactive space for researchers and others wishing to learn more about this growing research area to share related resources and highlight news items as well as events.

Redes, migrantes sin fronteras is a non-profit digital initiative that connects migrants with support associations by providing a directory and a map of shelters, organizations, and programs. It is also a forum of expression to motivate volunteering to help the most vulnerable population.

Reverberations of Racial Violence documents a historic NEH-sponsored conference on the centennial of the 1919 Canales Investigation. The conference took place at the Bob Bullock State Museum from January 31 to February 1, 2019.

The Women's Book History Bibliography is a database of secondary sources on women's writing and labor. Primarily its sources are in English, and non-English sources have a rough translation included. The database is a thorough snapshot of studies that take women as their primary subjects.

The Victorian Female Detective Archive provides transcriptions of Victorian literature featuring female detectives.