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Programming4Humanists (P4H) is a continuing education program designed to introduce participants to methodologies, coding, and programming languages associated with the Digital Humanities (DH). P4H courses are taught by CoDHR staff and TAMU faculty during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Course participants have the option to attend class synchronously via Zoom or review class recordings on their own time.

These courses are available for free to faculty, staff, and students at Texas A&M University, and to external scholars for a registration fee.

Registration is closed for "Making Websites from Scratch" (Spring 2024).

Making Websites from Scratch: An Intro to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Spring 2024)

Instructor: Dr. Bryan Tarpley

Course Description:

Despite how dizzying the sprawling landscape of the web may seem, every site you visit in your browser is ultimately made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While each of these could take years to master, the conceit of this Programming4Humanists course is that most of what humanists need to know to present their work on the web can be learned in the span of this 4-part workshop! By the end of this course, participants will have their own site, and will be equipped to lay out text, images, and video in a compelling way for their audience on the web.

Note: The 4th session will involve creating an account on Reclaim Hosting, purchasing a year’s worth of site hosting for $30, and optionally purchasing a domain name for $15 (a total of $30-$45). These purchases are not a requirement, however, for participation.

Class Schedule:

Class meets via Zoom from 12:00 - 2:00 PM CST*.

  • Week 1, February 9: "HTML: A Genealogy of Nodes"
  • Week 2, February 16: "CSS: Stylin' and Profilin'"
  • Week 3, February 23: "JavaScript: Vita Ex Machina"
  • Week 4, March 1: "Deployment: Release the Kraken!"

*Note: While each session will be 2 hours in length, the second hour is a practicum which, while highly recommended, is not required to attend. All class sessions will be recorded and posted for participants whose schedules conflict with the live meeting time.

Registration Fees:

  • Free for Texas A&M University affiliates.
  • $300 for non-A&M, single-person registrants.
  • $1,200 for a group of 5 non-A&M registrants from the same College/University.

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