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Lectures, Workshops, and Presentations

Upcoming events can also be viewed on our Event Calendar.

Upcoming Events

“Sustainability in the Age of ‘Generative’ Computation”, Dr. Alison Langmead

Wednesday, February 28, 2024, 3:00 - 4:00 PM, Langford Building A, Adams Presentation Room (212)

Dr. Alison Langmead, University of Pittsburgh, will visit Texas A&M to present “Sustainability in the Age of ‘Generative’ Computation”. Dr. Langmead is invited to Texas A&M by CoDHR to participate in its Speaker Series 2023-24.

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“Introducing GIS to Humanists” Workshop with Dr. Douglas Wunneburger

Wednesday, March 6, 2024, 3:00 - 4:30 PM, Liberal Arts & Humanities Building 453

Dr. Douglas Wunneburger will educate Texas A&M faculty, staff, and graduate students on the affordances of ArcGIS for Humanities work.

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Past Events

(February 20, 2024) “DH Pedagogy Workshop” with Dr. Shawna Ross

Dr. Shawna Ross will educate Texas A&M faculty, staff, and graduate students how to effectively use Digital Humanities (DH) in the classroom.

(February 14, 2024) Digital Humanities Working Group

The group will discuss various works from Dr. Alison Langmead in preparation for her visit to Texas A&M on February 28-29, 2024.

(January 31, 2024) DH Project Showcase

The Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR) is hosting a “DH Project Showcase” for Principal Investigators to present their digital research to faculty, staff, and students:

- Katayoun Torabi, “The New Variorum Shakespeare”
- Daniel L. Schwartz, “”
- Alexandra E. LaGrand, “Points Like A Man: The Shakespearean Breeches Performance Catalogue, 1660-1900”
- Susan Egenolf, “Maria Edgeworth Letters Project”
- Tianna Helena Uchacz, “Texas Art Project”
- Britt Mize, “Beowulf’s Afterlives”