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Building Sustainable Projects

This page provides a list of resources for building a sustainable DH project.

See our DH Community Announcements – Publications page for recently published digital resources.

Project Resiliency in the Digital Humanities, DHQ: Volume 17, Issue 1 (2023)

This issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) by Martin Holmes, J. Matthew Huculak, and Janelle Jenstad argues that there is work to be done in getting Digital Humanities projects to the point of being archivable in the same way that libraries preserve books. This issue brings together leading DH scholars to present the following articles:

This special issue, edited by Luis Meneses, is a brief collection of paper submissions from the Open, Digital, Collaborative Project Preservation in the Humanities (Virtual) Conference in June 2021. The articles approach project preservation from unique perspectives and look to answer the following research questions:

    • How can we create viable, sustainable pathways for open, digital scholarship?
    • How can we design, implement, and document the best practices for the development of open, social, digital projects in the arts and humanities?
    • How can we amplify the positive aspects of collaboration to magnify the contribution and streamline the development of digital projects?
    • How can we preserve these environments in ways that speak to the needs of our communities and are open, collaborative, effective, and sustainable?

The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap

The Socio-Technical Sustainability Roadmap (the “Roadmap” or the STSR), developed by The Visual Media Workshop at the University of Pittsburgh, is described as "a module-based workshop intended to help you and your team approach the seemingly daunting task of sustaining your digital humanities project over time."

The modules of the Roadmap are categorized into three sections: Section A is designed to help you scope your project, its vision, and its sustainability goals; Section B provides templates for documenting your staff and your technologies, including their sources of funding; Section C helps you create a list of concrete sustainability actions to be taken.