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Supporting Events that Further Our Mission

One of the ways the Race & Ethnic Studies Institute supports race and ethnic studies at Texas A&M University is by co-sponsoring public lectures and other research-focused public engagements by visitors from outside the university who engage in research that fits within our mission and scope. Requests of up to $500 may be made. Funds must be used for the time period specified in the grant application, which must be before August 31 of the fiscal year. Events will not be retroactively funded.

Co-Sponsorships Eligibility and Timeline

We will be accepting applications four times a year. Requests must be submitted at least one month before the speaker/event you’re asking us to co-sponsor. Given the adjustment to the new schedule, we will accept off-cycle requests (especially at the beginning of the year), but we will not fund anything that is less than one month away. 

Faculty, staff, and graduate students may submit requests for co-sponsorships. Applicants should verify that their event does not conflict with any major RESI events that are already scheduled (like our colloquia or any conferences/symposia we’re hosting). Priority may be given to applicants who have not received funding through this program in the past year. Events must be free and open to the public to be eligible. All publicity must acknowledge the sponsorship of “The Race & Ethnic Studies Institute.” If you need our logo for publicity materials, download it here.


Co-Sponsorship Program Date Range Deadline
October 1st-November 30th September 2nd
December 1st -February 28th November 1st
March 1st - May 30th February 3rd
June 1st - August 31st May 1st

All application deadlines are 5:00 p.m. Central Time, unless otherwise noted.

Application for Co-Sponsorship Grant

Please fill out the application below completely. Please note the following important points first, however:

  1. The event being co-sponsored needs to be taking place at least one month after the application deadline.
  2. The requesting party is expected to administer the funding and the event. RESI cannot assume organizational responsibilities in connection with co-sponsored events.
  3. RESI will not release funding for approved co-sponsorships or assist with publicity until the activity/event is posted on the hosting unit's TAMU Calendar, with RESI tagged (shared/suggested in the calendar system) as a unit. (The event will then appear on RESI’s website.) That calendar event should be posted/live at least one month prior to the scheduled start of the event.