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Capturing Inequality: one-day conference featuring RDC data

Please join us on Rice University’s campus for a one-day conference focused on discussions of historical inequality, intergenerational mobility, crime, and health disparities using restricted data.

This event will feature panels on historical inequality, intergenerational inequality, crime and the criminal legal system, and health disparities, with an emphasis on innovative uses of new linked and restricted data. Featured speakers include Becky Pettit (University of Texas), Trent Alexander (Michigan), Tony Brown (Rice), Zach Ward (Baylor), Jim Elliot (Rice), Megan Augustyn (UTSA), Brielle Bryan (Rice), Kate Anderson (University of Houston), Elizabeth Roberto (Rice), Ling Wu (TAMU), and John Anders (Trinity).

The conference will be Monday, December 5th from 8AM-5PM. Register here!