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Research Fellows 2023-24

Glasscock Faculty Research Fellows

These fellowships are designed to address a need for funding for research that could not be accomplished otherwise in order to complete a book project, major article or series of articles, or other research project that makes an impact in the field. Fellows participate in the Colloquium Series, which will function as a working group for these works-in-progress. Projects are chosen on the basis or their intellectual rigor, scholarly creativity, and potential to make a significant impact in the candidate’s career and field.

Glasscock Graduate Research Fellows

The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research annually funds Graduate Research Fellowships at $2,000 each. To be eligible, students have to be working on a Doctoral dissertation or Masters thesis but could be at the initial stages of their projects. The outcome should be a dissertation or a thesis, or a significant portion thereof. These students will participate in the Colloquium Series and use the experience as a tool to improve their own writing and projects and help each other to improve the quality of the work being produced as a group.