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All Internal Funding Opportunities

The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research supports research that advances knowledge through investigation, inquiry, and interpretation of human experience, culture, and expressive forms. Humanities research may be grounded in traditional humanities disciplines and methods, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research, and non-humanities or technical disciplines which clearly foreground interpretive approaches to questions of meaning in human experiences and endeavors.

Applications for the following programs are currently open:

Program Grants Deadlines
Co-Sponsorship Grants Oct 16, 2023 | March 4, 2024
Notable Lecture Grants Oct 16, 2023 | March 4, 2024
Symposium and Small Conference Grants Oct 16, 2023 | March 4, 2024
Short-Term Visiting Fellowships Oct 16, 2023 | March 4, 2024

Texas A&M Division of Research: Arts & Humanities Fellowship

The Division of Research hosts this annual fellowship application. Visit their page to learn more.