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Grant Report Forms

The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research requests reports about how funds were used by grantees. Please use the following forms to submit your report.

If your original plans for your use of Glasscock Center funds have been affected by COVID-19, we ask that you still submit a report as a means for us to keep track of impacted awards.

Report: COVID-19 Impacted Funds

Online Writing Group Grant

General Grants →
Use this form for the following grants:

  • Buttrill Ethics Curriculum Enhancement Grants
  • Collaborative Grant
  • Glasscock Internal Faculty Residential Fellowship
  • Glasscock Faculty Research Fellowship
  • Glasscock Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Graduate Research Matching Grant
  • Academic Professional Track Faculty Research Fellowship
  • Publication Support Grant
  • COVID-19 Micro-Grant

Event Grants →
Use this form for the following grants:

  • Co-sponsorship Grant
  • Cultural Enrichment and Campus Diversity Grant
  • Notable Lecture Grant
  • Symposium and Small Conference Grant
  • Virtual Co-Sponsorship Class Lecture Grant

Glasscock Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Humanities Working Groups →

3-year Seminars