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  • 22nd Susanne M. Glasscock Humanities Book Prize for Interdisciplinary Scholarship

    Nicole R. Fleetwood receives the Twenty-Second Susanne M. Glasscock Humanities Book Prize for Interdisciplinary Scholarship

  • Meet the Fellows | 2021-22

    Internal Faculty Residential Fellows Read their bios here Dr. Michael Collins | Professor, English Dr. Daniel Conway | Professor, Philosophy Dr. Robert Duran | Associate Professor, Sociology Dr. Brian Linn | Professor, History   Faculty Research Fellows Read their bios here Dr. Leonardo Cardoso | Assistant Professor, Performance Studies Dr. Martin Peterson | Professor, Philosophy […]

  • Glasscock Summer Research Fellows 2021

    This fellowship was offered for the purpose of supporting faculty and graduate research from within the Texas A&M community, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impede research activities. Each fellowship is entitled to a faculty member and allows a graduate student worker a full-time GAR position during the 3 summer months. 2021 Summer Research Fellows […]

  • Glasscock Graduate Research Fellows 2021-22

    The Glasscock Center for Humanities Research annually funds up to ten Graduate Research Fellowships at $2,000 each. Departments can nominate up to two graduate students to be considered for these awards. To be eligible, students in affiliated departments have to be working on a Doctoral dissertation or Masters thesis but could be at the initial stages […]

  • Glasscock Faculty Research Fellows 2021-22

    Five fellowships valued at $5,000 each were awarded for 2021-22. These fellowships are designed to address a need for funding for research that could not be accomplished otherwise in order to complete a book project, major article or series of articles, or other research project that makes an impact in the field. Money can be […]

  • Glasscock Internal Faculty Fellows 2021-22

    Recipients of the four annually awarded Internal Faculty Fellowships receive a one-course teaching release in the spring semester of the fellowship year, a $1,000 research bursary, and an office in the Glasscock Center for the fellowship year. These fellows, along with the Glasscock Faculty and Graduate Research Fellows, will present and participate in the Colloquium […]

  • 2021-22 Glasscock Summer Scholars

    Meet our 2021-22 Glasscock Undergraduate Summer Scholars!

  • Graduate Colloquium Series: Nia Wilson (PERF) – 4/13/2021

    "Producing Sexuality and Cultural Authenticity through Bachata Dance Technique"
    Meeting ID: 919 3362 4221
    Password: Wilson

  • Graduate Colloquium Series: Alexander Crist (PHIL) – 3/23/2021

    "Paul Celan and the Possibilities of Interpretation in Carnal Hermeneutics: Pneuma, Handwerk, and ‘Seelenblind’”
    Meeting ID: 914 3700 4440
    Password: Crist

  • Graduate Colloquium Series: Landon Sadler (ENGL) – 3/9/2021

    "Introducing What’s Queer about Care"
    Meeting ID: 935 6380 3394
    Password: Sadler