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Discussion Networks

AfroCubaWeb: The African Cultures in Cuba

H-AfrArts Discussion Network “Expressive Cultures of Africa H-AfrArts is composed of two parts, a discussion list and a web site cosponsored by Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine (H-Net) and the Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA). Its content focuses on the expressive cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. H-AfrArts, a refereed, multi- and inter-disciplinary discussion“

H-Africa Discussion Network H-Africa encourages discussion of Africa’s history, culture, and African studies generally. Africanists of all disciplines are encouraged to subscribe. 

H-AfrLitCine Discussion Network H-AfrLitCine is an H-Net Network discussing African Literature and Cinema.

H-AfrPol Discussion Network H-AfrPol encourages scholarly discussion of African political history. H-AfrPol’s online editor and editorial board serve a broad intellectual community.

H-AfrTeach Discussion Network “A discussion list whose mission is to provide a stimulating forum for considering the possibilities and problems involved in teaching about Africa. It is intended for a wide audience, encompassing educators, students and others with an interest in teaching about Africa at all educational levels.”

H-Afro-Am Discussion Network This site features an archive of messages from a discussion list in the field of African-American studies; plus links to Africa-related lists.

H-AfResearch Discussion Network H-AfResearch encourages discussion of issues surrounding the use of primary sources in African humanities and social sciences research.

H-Caribbean Discussion Network “The goals of this discussion list are multiple. Firstly, building on the work done by various associations and programs since the 1960s, one of the objectives of this list is to overcome the linguistic, political, and geographic fragmentation that has traditionally characterized the field and region. Secondly, this list will provide access to debates and discussions on Caribbean studies and act as a resource to academics teaching and researching in associated fields. Thirdly, this list will serve to reinforce the growing awareness of the region as an important and rich area for further research and study.”

H-Empire Discussion Network “H-Empire seeks to bring together scholars and others interested in sharing resources, research and questions concerning the origin, development, working and decline of empires, rather broadly defined across academic disciplines and professional interests, chronological time periods, and geographical regions.”

H-Luso-Africa Discussion Network LASO is an independent professional society established in the United States that is open to all scholars with an interest in Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and Sãão-Toméé e Prííncipe.

H-SAfrica Discussion Network “H-SAfrica is an international electronic discussion group dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of South and Southern Africa history and culture, and Southern African studies in general.”

H-Slavery Discussion Network H-Slavery seeks to promote interaction and exchange among scholars engaged in research on slavery, the slave trade, abolition, and emancipation. It is dedicated to the dissemination of information about the history of slavery and antislavery in all time periods and parts of the world.

H-West-Africa Discussion Network H-West-Africa is free and open to everyone with an interest in the West African history and culture.