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Graduate Certificate Requirements


Certificate candidates must complete 12 hours of Africana Studies approved course work and receive a grade of at least a B in each course completed. Those 12 hours should include:

  • 3 hours of humanities credits
  • 3 hours of social science credits
  • 3 hours of approved free elective (from any of the Colleges on the Texas A & M University campus)
  • AFST 601 – This is a required course for all students pursuing the graduate certificate


The courses currently approved for this certificate program are taught in a variety of departments across the College of Liberal Arts, including Anthropology, Communication, English, Hispanic Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. Please see the Graduate Catalog for a partial list of currently approved courses. Note that while senior-level undergraduate courses (400-level) are included on the list, only 3 credit hours of coursework may be taken at that level to count toward the Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies; the remainder of the credit hours must be at the graduate level. Also note that with prior approval, up to 3 of the 12 required credit hours may be taken through an Independent Study or a Readings Course in a Africana-content course in the student’s major department. If the student’s thesis or dissertation involves a substantial Africana Studies focus, up to 3 hours of the thesis or dissertation research hours may be counted toward the certificate provided that the research is shared through a public forum on the A & M campus (e.g., brown bag, Glasscock lecture, RESI lecture, etc.). It is understood that courses counted toward the certificate may also count toward the major degree requirements.

How to Apply

Student enrolled in a masters or doctoral program at Texas A & M University who want to earn a Graduate Certificate in Africana Studies should speak to the Africana Studies director and the appropriate departmental graduate advisor as early as possible in their program of study so that a plan of study can be worked out. Application materials for the certificate program will be accepted at any point during the academic year. Once the required 12 hours are completed, the Graduate Certificate will be awarded, usually at a Spring Africana Studies event.

Application Form

For more information on the Africana Studies Graduate Certificate, please contact Dr. Alain Lawo-Sukam at