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Introducing RESI’s Advisory Board

The Race & Ethnic Studies Institute is proud to welcome our new advisory board who will be charged with assessing the qualifications of grant applications and offering guidance on key issues. This group of established faculty members bring decades of experience and research expertise. 

five hexagon with different work symbol including title advisory board with blur background of a brick wall and a person pointing advisory board symbol

RESI’s Advisory Board

The Race & Ethnic Studies Institute aims to be the premier research institute of its kind in Texas and the nation. As such, RESI relies on its advisory board to provide expert advice on the development of the institute while highlighting the strengths and academic leadership in research relating to the salience of race and ethnic studies at Texas A&M University. The advisory board is composed of faculty who have a proven record of successful publication and a robust research profile.  

The board advises and assists the Director of RESI on key processes, outcomes and activities of the institute. They provide essential guidance on our funding programs (research-related grants and fellowships), including the evaluation of applications and make recommendations on research initiatives. In addition, members enhance the infrastructure of the institute by bringing together a strong research background and perspectives relevant to enhancing race and ethnic studies. 

Advisory Board Members

The Advisory Board has nine seats, which are filled by faculty within the College of Arts & Sciences at Texas A&M University. One additional is held by an External Advisor, a member outside of the institution with strong academic and industry experience in race and ethnic studies.

Omar Rivera Associate Professor Philosophy
  • Coloniality / Decoloniality
  • Latina/o/x/e Studies / Mexican American Studies / Chicano/o/x Studies
  • History / History of Ideas / Knowledge & Epistemology
  • Latin American Philosophy / Latinx Philosophy
Robin R. Means Coleman External Member Ida B. Wells and Ferdinand Barnett Professor of Communication Studies at Northwestern University
  • Higher Education / Education
  • Africana Studies / African American Studies / Black Studies
  • Popular Culture
  • Black Feminist Theory
Rebecca Hankins Professor Global Languages & Cultures
  • Africana Studies / African American Studies / Black Studies
  • Religion
  • Popular Culture
  • Islam
  • Pluralism
Daniel L. Howard Professor Psychological & Brain Sciences
  • Africana Studies / African American Studies / Black Studies
  • Minority Health
  • Racial Health Disparities
  • Opioid Use Disorder
  • Cultural Competency
Alain Laawo-Sukam Coordinator of Africana Studies Program Associate Professor Global Languages & Cultures
  • Expressive Culture / Art / Material Culture
  • Hispanic Studies
  • Afro-Hispanic Studies / African-Hispanic Studies
Kristan Poirot Executive Associate Head Associate Professor Communication & Journalism
  • Activism / Social Movements
  • Gender / Sexuality
  • Intersectionality / Intersectional Racism
  • Black Freedom Movements
  • Black Feminist Theory
Vanita Reddy Associate Professor English
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Gender / Sexuality
  • Comparative / Relational / Global Race & Ethnic Studies
Asha Rao Instructional Professor Biology
  • College Retention & Success
  • First Generation College Students
  • STEM Education
  • Underrepresented Students / Students of Color
Pat Rubio Goldsmith Professor Sociology
  • Higher Education / Education
  • Latinx/a/o Education Policy & Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI)
  • School Segregation
  • Neighborhood Segregation
George Allen O. Villanueva Doctoral Program Coordinator Associate Professor Communication & Journalism
  • Racial / Ethnic / Ethnoracial Equity & Inequality
  • Discourse / Communication
  • Activism / Social Movements
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Asian American Studies / Asian Studies
  • Justice / Social Justice
  • Expressive Culture / Art / Material Culture
  • Urban Studies