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CFP (Conference): 2024 Digital Pedagogy Institute (Proposals due 04/19/24)

February 29, 2024

The call for proposals for the 2024 Digital Pedagogy Institute (DPI) is now open. The goal of DPI 2024 is to create a virtual space that allows participants to explore diverse approaches to digital pedagogy from a variety of perspectives, including those of undergraduate/graduate students, faculty, librarians, educational developers, and technologists. Proposals are due by April 19, 2024. The conference is scheduled for August 13-15, 2024.

CFP (Journal): Journal of Electronic Publishing, Special Issue on Publishing and Climate Change (Proposals due 04/30/24)

February 23, 2024

The Journal of Electronic Publishing is calling for proposals for a special issue on publishing and climate change. The special issue invites abstracts for papers of ~6,000-8,000 words reflecting on these issues as well as examples of best (and worst) practices of how publishers (and the industry as a whole) are tackling the current climate and ecological crises, alongside theoretical contributions on publishing’s entanglement with the climate crisis, the Anthropocene, and global capitalism. Proposals are due by April 30, 2024.

CFP (Conference): Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI), 24th Annual Meeting

February 23, 2024

The call for proposals is now open for the 24th Annual Meeting of Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI). The conference topic, “Texts, languages, and communities”, aims at highlighting the global outreach of the TEI together with its local adaptations and bringing us together as a diverse and multilingual community, where the exchange of experiences and shared learning will help us reflect on the texts we investigate, the languages we use, and the communities we create. The conference is scheduled for October 7-11, 2024 at Universidad del Salvador (USAL), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CFP (Workshop): Workshop on Machine Learning for Ancient Languages (ML4AL 2024) (Proposals due 05/17/24)

February 22, 2024

Proposals are being accepted for the Workshop on Machine Learning for Ancient Languages (ML4AL 2024). The Workshop aims to inspire collaboration and support research momentum in the emerging field of Machine Learning for the study of ancient texts. Submissions which tackle low-data, underrepresented, non-Western ancient languages are welcome. The workshop will take place in a hybrid format in Bangkok, Thailand on August 15, 2024. Proposals are due by May 17, 2024.

CFP (Interview Participants): “Critical cataloguing projects in museums”

November 30, 2023

As part of their DPhil research program at the University of Oxford, Erin Canning is seeking to conduct semi-structured interviews of 30 to 45 minutes with adult individuals involved in critical cataloguing and terminology review projects or initiatives in museums. They are looking to speak with individuals who work at, for, or with a museum and participate in critical cataloguing, terminology review, or related projects. Participants do not have to be employed by a museum directly to participate, but the critical cataloguing project does need to address museum data.

CFP (General Volume Editors): Debates in the Digital Humanities

November 30, 2023

Debates in the Digital Humanities is looking for a new team to edit the next general volume in the series. The Debates series, published in print and online by the University of Minnesota Press, highlights topics of pressing interest to the field as they emerge. General volumes are published at several-year intervals and seek to survey the full range of issues animating the field at a given moment. This call welcome proposals from editorial teams as well as from individuals. Proposals are due by January 31, 2024. Finalists will be interviewed in Spring 2024.

CFP (Conference): “Rebuilding the Socio-creative through Digital Culture” Symposium (Proposals due 01/27/24)

November 14, 2023

The ARTFICTIONS project invites scholars, students, artists, and practitioners to contribute to “Rebuilding the Socio-creative through Digital Culture”, an international symposium dedicated to exploring the intricate intersections between subject formation, radical imagination, gaming mechanics, troll culture, and collective societal approaches in this time of ubiquitous screen-mediated exchange. The seminar will analyse the role of digital culture in examine the ways in which digital culture is providing alternatives to (instead of just being behind one of the main causes of) techno-conservative politics, individualist subject-formation, processes of neoliberalisation and practices of biopolitical exclusion. Proposals are due by January 27, 2024. The symposium is scheduled for June 11-12, 2024 at University College Cork in Ireland.

CFP (Grants): “Recovering the US Hispanic Heritage Program”, US Latino Digital Humanities at the University of Houston (Applications due 01/08/24)

November 14, 2023

US Latino Digital Humanities (USLDH) at the University of Houston invites applications to their Grants-in-Aid program. Proposals must draw from recovered primary and derivative sources produced by Latinas/os in what is now the United States, dating from the Colonial Period to 1980. Scholars will also have the opportunity to publish on Arte Público Press’ APPDigital publication platform. Applications are due by January 8, 2024.

CFP (Conference): DHSI 2024

November 6, 2023

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) 2024 invites proposals for presentations (10-15 minutes) and lightning talks (5 minutes) for their Conference & Colloquium. Submissions are welcome from all members of the digital humanities community, including faculty, graduate students, undergraduates, early career scholars, independent researchers, librarians and others in the GLAM community, alt-academics, academic professionals, those in technical programs, and those new to the digital humanities. DHSI 2024 is scheduled for June 3-7 and 10-14, 2024. Proposals are due by December 15, 2023.

CFP (Participants): Experiences with Text and Data Mining for Authors Alliance

October 23, 2023

Christian Howard-Sukhil, Text & Data Mining Legal Fellow at Authors Alliance, is calling for participants for a grant-funded project that seeks to learn how academic researchers are using Text and Data Mining (TDM) in their research. Academic researchers and support staff who are willing to share their experiences will participate in a 30-45 minute Zoom conversation with Authors Alliance. Information will be kept confidential if preferred.