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Global Health Humanities

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The growing field of Health Humanities seeks to understand cultural practices and products related to health and illness. In particular, by examining different forms of human expression, the humanities offer necessary insight into the lived experience of global health issues. This initiative examines the narrative and artistic expression of individuals’ experiences of illness and health in a global context, by inviting discussion of such forms as song, performance, written narrative, oral history, and visual media. Using methods drawn from the humanities and humanistic social sciences, this initiative explores such topics as health inequities, access to care, gender health disparities, colonial and neocolonial health discourses, human health and climate change, human health and ecology, and immigration and health. Such interdisciplinary scholarship is necessary to better comprehend the historical, political, and economic impact of global diseases.

2020-2021 Events

"Frontline Workers' Stories During COVID-19" miniseries

This semester begins a multi-part webinar series focused on how Health Humanities can engage the stories emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. Fall 2020 will focus on the stories and experiences of frontline workers. Speakers will address such topics as training challenges in the health professions, emotional and physical burnout, and priorities in patient care during a time of crisis. We will discuss the role of sharing and listening to stories in understanding these issues.

"The Stories of Nursing Educators and Trainees During COVID-19"
Thursday, October 8, 2020
1:00-2:00 pm
Margaret Bosenbark | Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Texas A&M

Chair: Jessica Howell
Click here to view the recorded event


"Heroes and Villains: Moral Injury and Institutional Betrayal in the Era of COVID"
Tuesday, November 10, 2020

10:00-11:00 am
Rishi Goyal | Director of the Medicine, Literature, and Society Program and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center
Event Flyer

Chair: Jessica Howell
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