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Double Major and Double Degrees

Students sometimes choose to pursue more than one major. Students must declare the double major or double degree no later than the semester in which they will complete 95 credit hours, must have a cumulative GPR of at least 3.0 at the time of declaration, and must have completed 9 hours in the second major with a GPR of 3.0 or above. Transfer students who enter with junior classification must file for the double major or double degree no later than the end of their second semester in attendance.

Once the student has declared a double major or double degree, it is important for the student to regularly confer with advisors in both major departments and the Dean’s Office of Undergraduate Advising. Students should also have degree audits run for both majors or degrees, preferably at 90 hours.

Students may pursue a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science simultaneously, but not two bachelor of arts or two bachelor of science degrees. (These students should pursue a double major). Students seeking a second degree from the College of Liberal Arts will have to meet more stringent conditions and seek approval from the Dean. At the minimum, they must demonstrate at least a 2.5 in the proposed major, based on at least 9 hours of course work. Students concurrently enrolled in another college must meet the requirements set by both colleges.

Candidates for a double degree must have been in residence at least two academic years and must complete all essential work of the second curriculum not covered in the first. To qualify for the double degree, the student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours more than the higher of credit hours required for either degree.

To declare a double major or double degree, a history major should go the College of Liberal Arts, Undergraduate Advising Office, located in 202 Coke Bldg.

The campus Career Center has a wealth of information about careers for history and liberal arts majors.