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Financial Aid


The Philosophy Department will appoint incoming PhD students as Graduate Assistants, with reappointment subject to satisfactory progress. New teaching assistants in our PhD program received a nine month salary of $ 20,000. Graduate Assistants receive in-state status for tuition and the university will cover your full-time tuition up to 9 semester credit hours, not including fees. For enrollment in additional hours (beyond 9 hours) the non-resident waiver allows graduate students to pay the additional tuition and fees at in-state rates. Budget constraints permitting, the Department assists in payment of fees.

Unfortunately, due to changes in university funding, we can no longer hire MA students as Graduate Assistants. We are willing to consider MA applicants that come with external funding (perhaps from a military or government grant).


Fellowships are awarded at the University level on a competitive basis. Candidates must be nominated by the Philosophy Department, and in order to be considered for these fellowships, applicants’ materials must all be received by the application deadline.

  • Graduate Merit Fellowships are faculty nominated and are designed to encourage high-quality applicants to enroll for the first time in graduate programs at Texas A&M University.
  • Graduate Diversity Excellence Fellowships are faculty nominated and seek to increase the diversity and academic excellence of the graduate student population at Texas A&M University. Diversity is interpreted very broadly here. Scholarships may be awarded to promising scholars who have  diverse educational, research or employment backgrounds;  who have overcome socioeconomic or other educational disadvantages; who have disabilities; who are from historically under-represented groups (including women in Philosophy) or whose scholarly work directly relates to these areas. We welcome potential candidates for these Fellowships. If you think you might be a candidate for one of these Diversity Fellowships, please do include a paragraph in your letter of application explaining why.

For more information about fellowship nominations and awards, please visit the Office of Graduate & Professional Studies.


Student health plans are available for single graduate students, along with those which cover a spouse and/or dependents. For more information and to compare plans, please visit Texas A&M University Human Resources. You may also consult the departmental Human Resources Liaison for assistance.