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Aletheia, The Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy at Texas A&M

We are excited to announce that Aletheia: Texas A&M’s Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy has released its Spring 2021 edition. In this issue of Aletheia, you will find papers written by undergraduate scholars from not just A&M, but across the United States. These papers take a critical look into matters such as the exploitation of nature by humans, Aristotle’s misogyny, culpability for collective action failures, the problem of meaningless suffering, and Heidegger’s analysis of death. If you are looking for some light philosophy reading over the summer then this is a great resource!

Call for Papers – Submission Deadline: October 31, 2022


Aletheia Spring 2021


Spring 2021 Edition

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Aletheia Spring 2021 Special Edition Iv-CUP 2021 Proceedings


Spring 2021 Special Edition Iv-CUP Proceedings

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Aletheia Fall 2020 Edition


Fall 2020 Edition

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Aletheia Spring 2020


Spring 2020 Edition

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Aletheia Spring 2019


Spring 2019 Edition

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Spring 2018 Edition

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Nature’s Distorted Mirror: Rationalizing an Objection to Lucretius’ Symmetry Argument

Chris Gillett


Physician Assisted Dying: Defining the Ethically Ambiguous

Chandler O’Leary


Can Utilitarianism or Retributivism Justify Solitary Confinement?

Katherine Sawczyn


Analysis of the Prevailing Views Regarding the Nature of Theory-Change in the Field of Science

Jonathan Martinez


The Pervasive Quality of Self-Deception

Douglas Dohmeyer

Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Daniel Lightsey ’22

Executive Editor: Eris-Jake Donohue


    • Kate Girvin
    • Austin Tapler
    • Laura Stoicoviciu
    • Anella Roy
    • Alexis Roa
    • Jaime Rodriguez
    • Emma Smith
    • America Jimenez
    • Matthew Deane

Advisory Board:

Dr. Linda Radzik, Professor of Philosophy

David Anderson, PhD. Student of Philosophy