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Aletheia, The Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy at Texas A&M

Texas A&M University is proud to release the Spring 2020 edition of its undergraduate journal of philosophy, Aletheia. The journal had been inactive since 2014, but student leadership organized to re-launch this publication within the Philosophy Department in Spring 2018. The journal serves as a platform for the excellent work of Texas A&M’s own students, and this edition contains articles from undergraduates within multiple academic disciplines. The Editorial Board and the Philosophy Department hope that this edition marks the beginning of a new tradition of undergraduate scholarship at Texas A&M University.

Aletheia Spring 2020


Spring 2020 Edition

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Aletheia Spring 2019


Spring 2019 Edition

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Spring 2018 Edition

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Nature’s Distorted Mirror: Rationalizing an Objection to Lucretius’ Symmetry Argument

Chris Gillett


Physician Assisted Dying: Defining the Ethically Ambiguous

Chandler O’Leary


Can Utilitarianism or Retributivism Justify Solitary Confinement?

Katherine Sawczyn


Analysis of the Prevailing Views Regarding the Nature of Theory-Change in the Field of Science

Jonathan Martinez


The Pervasive Quality of Self-Deception

Douglas Dohmeyer

Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Jordan P. Dunlap ’20

Editor: Garion Frankel ’21

Editor: Eric Nash ’22

Advisory Board:

Dr. Linda Radzik, Professor of Philosophy

David Anderson, PhD. Student of Philosophy