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Philosophies of the Global South

Philosophies of the Global South refer to the pluralistic philosophical approaches that critically analyze dominant philosophical perspectives by shifting the center of thought away from canonical and Western traditions. While not homogenous in method or origins, these approaches share an attentiveness to the geographical and historical context of philosophical thought, the role of histories of domination, and the impact of gender, race, colonization, and sexuality in the formation and development of philosophical traditions.


Texas A&M University has a lively community of scholars working on philosophies of the Global South, specializing in Latinx and Latin American Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Africana Philosophy, and Decolonial and Postcolonial Philosophies. Across these traditions, faculty research questions of Black aesthetics, Andean aesthetics, global histories of colonization and their impact on space, racial and gendered formations of life and death, and critical analyses of lived experience.


Dr. Daniel Conway

Dr. Don Deere

Dr. Ege Selin Islekel

Dr. Amir Jaima

Dr. Gregory Pappas

Dr. Omar Rivera