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Undergraduate Advising

Our office focuses on the support and guidance of undergraduate students as they create a plan for their academic pursuits while at Texas A&M and beyond. We work to provide undergraduates with information necessary to make decisions in alignment with their goals, while also helping students fulfill the requirements to attain their degree from Texas A&M.

 For our new incoming first-year and transfer students: please be sure to schedule your New Student Conference (NSC) as soon as you’re able. The second day of your conference will primarily be spent with us in advising to familiarize you with our academic requirements, the program and department, and to aid you with your first-semester registration. Please do not schedule an advising meeting with us prior to your NSC, as academic advising will be a part of your NSC experience.

Advising Schedule for Spring 2023 (updated as of February 27th)

  • Appointment Hours: Monday through Thursday, 9:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Drop In Advising Hours: Monday through Thursday, 1:30 to 4:00 pm

There are two ways to meet with an academic advisor: appointments and virtual drop-in hours.

Advising Appointments

Here are the step-by-step instructions for finding and scheduling with an advising appointment in Philosophy or USLA – Society, Ethics & Law in Howdy:

  1. Log onto Howdy
  2. Click My Record tab
  3. Click Advising Appointments
  4. Click Navigate -Schedule Advising Appointments
  5. Click Advising Texas A&M University
  6. Find your college/location – College of Arts & Sciences
  7. Choose the most relevant reason for your visit, such as AT – General Advising
  8. Choose the location for your visit – AT – PHIL USLA-SEL
  9. Choose a date and time for your visit
  10. Please include comments on the subject of your visit – this is very helpful for me to have context for our meeting!!
  11. Choose advisor:  Nickelaziena Miller
  12. Proceed to choose a Date and Time that is best for you
  13. Click Confirm Appointment

Virtual drop-in hours are windows of time when an advisor is available to meet with students on a first-come, first-served basis. These hours are ideal for quick questions or clarifications, or if you’re unable to find a timely appointment that works for your schedule. If you need the link to join the Zoom meeting, please email the advisor.

Meeting with an Advisor

During advising meetings, an advisor can discuss a variety of topics with you including, but not limited to:

Advising Forms & Course Contracts

If you are completing a research, directed studies, or internship experience and wish to receive academic credit, you’ll need to complete a contract in collaboration with your faculty supervisor (research/directed studies) or site (internship) supervisor. In order to register a student for these credit hours, a completed, signed contract must be submitted.

Contract for PHIL 491 or 497 – Research/Honors Research

Contract for PHIL 484 – Internship

Advisor Information

Ziena Miller, Manager for Undergraduate Academic Advising Services

Academic Advisor, Departments of Anthropology & Philosophy

(979) 845 – 9333