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RESI Supports Race & Ethnic Studies Research Over Summer

This summer, the Race & Ethnic Studies Institute has funded various research initiatives, further committing itself to the advancement of race and ethnic studies. Through RESI’s new research initiatives, we are supporting four projects led by Texas A&M College of Arts & Sciences faculty and graduate students.

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Funding Cutting Edge Research in Race & Ethnic Studies

The Race & Ethnic Studies Institute (RESI) has funded four new research projects that span across several disciplines within the Arts and Sciences at Texas A&M. RESI is prioritizing investments in research through its new Hispanic-Serving Institution Research Initiative and Power & Inequality Research Initiative. These initiatives commit RESI to elevating transformative projects that advance the salience of race and ethnic studies. The projects span a broad range of focus areas and are led by both faculty and graduate students.

These inaugural awards align with RESI’s mission and vision of fostering cutting edge research among the community of scholars at Texas A&M University, particularly within the College of Arts & Sciences. The newly launched research initiatives provide the opportunity to uniquely position Texas A&M as a leader for research-intensive HSIs. Our aspiration is to continue supporting and building collaborative partnerships that meaningfully contribute to race and ethnic studies. 

Supported Research Projects

Each of the four projects RESI is supporting are anticipated to be innovative and key to progressing the field of race and ethnic studies. RESI is particularly excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Latino/a & Mexican American Studies and with Africana Studies on their innovative and promising research projects. Dr. Wanzer-Serrano, Interim Director of RESI notes that, “RESI is offering more direct support of research projects than at any point in recent memory. We’re excited to continue cultivating and positively affecting the future of race and ethnic studies at Texas A&M on our path to becoming the preeminent institute of its kind in Texas and the nation.”

The projects are displayed below by initiative and listed with academic unit and primary investigator information. 

Hispanic-Serving Institution Research Initiative


  • Latino/a & Mexican American Studies
  • Primary Investigator: Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla, Associate Professor and Coordinator of LMAS
  • Project Title: “Networks and Practices of Mentorship”



  • Department of Sociology
  • Primary Investigator: Jaqueline Mendez, Doctoral Student
  • Co-Advisor(s):  Dr. Nancy Plankey-Videla, Associate Professor and Dr. Pat Rubio Goldsmith, Professor
  • Project Title: “Second-Hand Illegality: Exploring Bureaucratic Exclusion and Resource Inequality for U.S.-Born Latina/o Children of Undocumented Parent”


Power and Inequality Research Initiative


  • Department of Sociology 
  • Primary Investigator: Megan Bodily, Doctoral Student
  • Project Title: “Understanding Undergraduate Students’ Experiences of Belonging”