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Call for Associate Director, 2024-25

CoDHR is looking for a current faculty member to join us as an Associate Director. The initial appointment will be for one year with the possibility of renewal, pending review, with an August 2024 starting date.

The Associate Director should be a full-time faculty member at Texas A&M, including Academic Professional Track (APT), whose academic interests lie in the digital humanities.

The Associate Director should be committed to advancing the Center’s mission to “seed, incubate, and facilitate digital humanities research at Texas A&M.” Experience in promoting interdisciplinary scholarship and dialogue is a plus. Responsibilities will primarily include helping to oversee existing activities within the Center, such as the Digital Humanities Working Group, Speaker Series, and Programming for Humanists. The Associate Director will also be expected to take a leading role in building CoDHR’s capacity to support well-established, open source digital humanities tools such as Omeka.

The Associate Director will have an office within the Center and be expected to maintain a physical presence there as well as contribute to the Center’s broader intellectual life. An annual professional development bursary will be available along with one month of summer salary and a teaching reduction dependent upon department and college norms to specific applicants (e.g. standard teaching loads and other responsibilities).

Inquiries, expressions of interest, and nominations should be sent by April 5, 2024 to:

Maura Ives, Director,