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Minor in English

Students with a minor in English cultivate familiarity with and expertise in different literary forms, traditions, and approaches. Students have the opportunity to create a concentration in such areas as creative writing, composition and rhetoric, science fiction and fantasy, African-American and Latinx literatures, gender and sexuality studies, and digital humanities. An English minor teaches students to communicate clearly and effectively, critically read and examine complex texts, build effective arguments, and recognize other points of view. Whatever their major or post-graduate plans, students who minor in English will learn essential skills for thriving in all endeavors.

To declare a minor in English, you must schedule an appointment with an English advisor.

The minor in English, for majors in fields other than English, requires 18 hours of distributed coursework.

  • 9 hours of coursework can be chosen from any level English course
  • 6 hours of coursework must be taken at the upper-level, indicated by a 300 or 400 course number
  • 3 hours of coursework must be taken at the 400-level

Additional Requirements

  • The College of Liberal Arts specifies that only courses with a grade of “C” or higher may be used toward a minor.
  • Courses selected must have the ENGL prefix or be cross-listed with English. Students should consult the Undergraduate Catalog for course options, as well as possible prerequisites or restrictions for individual courses selected.
  • Students seeking to minor in English should consult with their major advisor and the Office of Undergraduate Studies in English before completing 90 credit hours.