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Career Opportunities

What kind of job can I get with an English major?

The short answer is: whatever job you want! The skills you learn during your undergraduate study can be applied towards almost any career you can think of. The key to making yourself a viable candidate on the job market is to pursue both curricular and extracurricular opportunities to learn more about your area of interest. We highly recommend our English majors to pursue a minor or certificate in an area of interest in addition to their major coursework. Internships, volunteerism, undergraduate research, or part-time employment can also be great opportunities for undergraduate students to gain valuable skills and experience relevant to their future career.

Marketable Skills

  • Critical analysis of complex texts and contexts
  • Thorough research and vetting of source material
  • Clear and persuasive communication, both oral and written
  • Building effective arguments
  • Creating engaging narratives
  • Understanding different points of view
  • Appreciation of aesthetic and cultural value

Campus Resources

  • Jobs for Aggies: The Student Employment Office offers part-time job fairs, training sessions to increase students’ marketable skills, and the JobsForAggies database where students can find part-time work on- and off-campus. They also provide the human resources functions for students and employers at Texas A&M University.
  • Texas A&M Career Center: Current students can find a multitude of resources online to help them explore majors and careers, plan for professional or graduate school, prepare for the job search, and gain experience. The Career Center hosts career fairs, employer information sessions, mock interviews, and resume review sessions throughout the year. You can also search their data banks to find out where former English majors work now and what kind of salaries our former students are making. Questions? Reach out to the College of Arts and Sciences career advisors!
  • The Association of Former Students: Resources for graduates include career consultation meetings; networking opportunities with other former students; access to the HireAggies network to aid in your job search; and advice on crafting a resume, succeeding at interviews, and evaluating your job offers.