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The Digital Humanities Certificate at Texas A&M

Are you interested in how computers affect our understanding and study of cultural heritage: literature, history, art, religion, philosophy, and beyond? Do you want to learn how to use open-source software to analyze source material, make arguments, and present your ideas to the public? Do you want to learn how to create digital projects to enhance your research? Do you want to learn how to use digital technologies effectively in your teaching or future career outside of academia?

If so, the Digital Humanities Certificate is for you. It offers masters or doctoral students the opportunity to acquire knowledge of digital tools, theories, and methodologies and to become competent in managing a digital project. This certificate provides a basic introduction to developing and applying information technology in the context of humanities research, teaching, and practice. It also provides students with the skills, applied and theoretical, that are necessary to apply computational techniques to complex research problems. 

The DH certificate program allows graduate students to create an individualized, interdisciplinary course of study in digital humanities and to have that effort formally acknowledged on their transcripts. It is open to students from any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University. The plan of study comprises 12 hours of coursework and a digital project. Students who are interested in the certificate but not yet formally enrolled are strongly encouraged to enroll in the certificate early in their course work. Students not formally enrolled will miss out on critical program information and may face complications with financial aid.

But the DH certificate is about more than coursework. Every semester, students in the DH certificate program will be invited to various events sponsored by the Center of Digital Humanities Research (CoDHR) and encouraged to find informal ways to work and learn together. DH at Texas A&M is about intellectual community, collaboration, and exploration: we are all learning—and sharing—new things every day. As a DH Certificate student, you will have many opportunities to be part of that community.