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Graduate Colloquium Series: Patton Small (PERF) 11/16/2021

"Being and Body"
We welcome your attendance in GLAS 311 or online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 941 1166 9315
Passcode: Small

Being and Body

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 | 4-5pm

We welcome your attendance in GLAS 311
Or online via Zoom

Zoom Meeting information:
Meeting ID: 941 1166 9315
Password: Small
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Patton Small

M.A. candidate, Department of Performance Studies, 2021-22 Graduate Research Fellow


This project explores the connections between the artistic practice of Jerzy Grotowski and the philosophy of Martin Heidegger. Specifically, it seeks to explore the potential for Grotowski style performance to cultivate access to what Heidegger describes as ‘the clearing’. To begin, Small examines the similarities in the poetics of both Heidegger’s writing and the practical work conducted by Grotowski in order to establish potential avenues of inquiry for his research. Once Small had identified specific areas for investigation, a series of live performance experiments, designed to cultivate access to ‘the clearing’, were undertaken so as to explore these connections in an embodied manner. Overall this project hopes to build on the scholarly analysis of Grotowski’s acting technique conducted by Kris Salata and expand the academic understanding of the process of philosophy by focusing on non-language-based forms of knowledge.

The Faculty Colloquium offers faculty an opportunity to discuss a work-in-progress with faculty and graduate students from different disciplines. By long-standing practice, colloquium presenters provide a draft of their current research, which is made available to members of the Glasscock Center listserv. Each colloquium begins with the presenter’s short (10-15 minute) exposition of the project, after which the floor is open for comments and queries. The format is by design informal, conversational, and interdisciplinary.

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