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ACES Colloquium Series: Jesse O’Rear (PERF) 4/12/22

"Embodied Knowledge, LGBTQ+ Students, and Kinesthetic Allyship on Campus"
We welcome your attendance in GLAS 311 or online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 914 3786 9905
Passcode: ORear

“Embodied Knowledge, LGBTQ+ Students, and Kinesthetic Allyship on Campus”

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 | 4-5pm

We welcome your attendance in GLAS 311
Or online via Zoom

Zoom Meeting information:
Meeting ID: 914 3786 9905
Password: ORear

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Dr. Jesse O’Rear, Assistant Professor, Department of Performance Studies


What does it mean to be an ally to LGBTQ+ students? If allyship is a verb, as theorists and practitioners of social justice have rightfully asserted, how can we give aspiring allies the opportunity to rehearse their allied actions? How does allyship as a verb tap into the embodied knowledge held by both the Ally and those with which they are in alliance? In what ways is it vital to acknowledge the somatic in our discussions of and preparation for moments of solidarity with LGBTQ+ students? In this presentation, Dr. O’Rear engages in practice as research methodologies to examine the effects of drama-based learning and activated dialogue facilitation training on efforts to improve campus climate for LGBTQ+ students.


Unlike our Faculty and Graduate Fellows’ Colloquia, we do not pre-circulate a draft paper of the work-in progress for ACES Colloquia.