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Graduate Advisors

The Director of Graduate Studies supervises the graduate program. The DGS chairs the Graduate Committee, supervises admissions, assigns assistantships, allocates work assignments for grading assistants, and recommends graduate teaching assistants to the department head. Dr. Walter Kamphoefner currently serves as Director of Graduate Studies.

The Associate Director of Graduate Studies assists the director with all aspects of maintaining the graduate program and has the responsibility for keeping current on the progress of graduate students, as well as the applicants to the program. The ADGS provides resources for graduate students interested in applying for grants and fellowships from organizations outside of TAMU and provides non-academic advising to MA candidates. Dr. David Hudson currently serves as Associate Director of Graduate Studies.

They are the source of information on obtaining funding as a graduate assistant and for resolving problems with assignments (such as a course load conflict). As the PhD and MA Student Advisors, they can discuss academic, professional, and personal problems with graduate students. They also serve the function of a committee chairperson for PhD students who have not yet selected one.


Dr. Walter Kamphoefner, Glasscock (History) Building, Room 301 | Phone: (979) 862-1314 | E-mail:

Dr. David Hudson, Glasscock (History) Building, Room 102C | Phone: (979) 845-7101 | E-mail: