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Sociology Colloquium, 10/27/2021

Gaslighted: How the Oil and Gas Industry Shortchanges Women Scientists

Dr. Christine Williams, The University of Texas at Austin

The oil and gas industry is one of the richest and most powerful industries in the world. In recent years, company avowals in support of diversity, much-touted programs for “women in STEM,” and, most importantly, a tight labor market with near parity in women pursuing geoscience credentials might lead us to expect progress for women in this industry’s corporate ranks. Yet, for all the talk of “the great crew change,” the industry remains overwhelmingly white and male. Sociologist Christine L. Williams asks, where are the women?

October 27, 2021
Wednesday, 12–1:30pm
Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 919 7799 9784
Passcode: 274536

If you cannot join with video, you can connect to the Zoom session via phone: 1–346–248–7799